Spanish Town Mails Dog Poop to Irresponsible Pet Owners

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Faced with a problem that really stinks, the town of Brunete, Spain has come up with an unusual (and awesome!) solution.

Starting in February, 20 volunteers took to the streets and kept an eye out for irresponsible dog owners.

No pooping

Any time an individual would allow its canine to defecate without picking up the waste, the volunteer would engage him or her in small talk... learn the name of the animal... look it up in the local date base and - bam! - they would come up with a home address.

A few days later, the offending owner would receive a package in the mail of the poop he or she left on the ground.

After 147 special deliveries made in February alone, the reported sightings of excrement in town decreased by approximately 70 percent, based purely on the eye (and nose) test.

Seriously, people. We all know how much dogs love to walk. Just be sure to clean up after them when they do so pedestrians are equally excited to see their canine friends on the street.


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