Lisa Vanderpump Demands Dismissal of Kyle and Kim Richards

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You won't believe this, but there's drama on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills set.

A new report claims that Lisa Vanderpump recently got into a major blowup with Kyle and Kim Richards while filming and has told producers she wants the siblings off the series.

Lisa Vanderpump Close Up

A source tells Radar Online that the claws “came out early when Lisa and [Brandi Glanville] confronted Kyle and hubby Mauricio Umansky and made catty comments about their marriage."

The diss "came out of nowhere," according to the mole, leaving Kyle "stunned."

"Lisa has made it known she wants Kyle and Kim off of the show," alleges this Real Housewives insider. "She wanted to be the last original housewife on the show.”

And such a move isn't new for Vanderpump.

“Lisa did the same thing to Adrienne Maloof last season," Radar adds. "She gets Brandi to do all of her dirty work. Lisa is a master manipulator, and now that she is no longer BFF’s with Kyle, she has no use for her and wants her gone.”

Or she's just following the Bravo script. Either one.

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Love Lisa, Do not blame her if she is trying to eliminate kyle or kim backstabbers! Pls loose Kim! Head up Lisa, you over class them all, very disappointed in Yolanda such a disappointment I would assume for her beautiful husband once he see's her manipulating & cold heart. Loose these people Lisa, who needs enemies with
these people as friends! Deb


Liked lisa at first..but started to see what a manipulative horrid sly women she was...she plants the seeds and gets outhers to do her dirty work...dont like her or her husband...I think kyle is more than her match..Lisa should go.


Ok Lisa you not the Queen bee of the hive they don't work for you. You have become a very disgusting person with all the childish behavior. I used to think that you were a lady but last season you were no different than any one of the other women who are trouble makers and getting a kick out of it. You have went from being a lady to just a trouble making women. In my opinion you have fallen and it was a long way down.


Love you Lisa and don't agree with the others who say you are a B. but I did see a change in you when Brandi came on the show. Will have to watch the new episodes before I can make any new judgements.


Lisa you are not the queen and to say you want them off the show is showing what a bitch you are. Go back to being who you were before Brandi made you like her, a joke. I really liked you before and thought you had a lot of class. What the F happened?


I agree with nancy that they act stupid and I do hope that Kyle and Lisa make up. Lisa put too much faith in Brandi as a friend! She better watch that one.


Sorry to hear they stillage acting like teenagers! I hated Lisa's show vanderpump rules!!! I Think Liksa and Kule should try to make up since they both were the best on the show!! Brandi was and is a trouble maker and made the show a big mess!! If they give Brandi a spinoff I for one would not waste my time watching it!!!!!!!!!!


In my opinion Lisa needs to chill. She has become very annoying over the last year. I used to like her…..not any more. I honestly think that she is stirring up trouble around her. She needs to go back to her old self…or get off the show!


Team Lisa! Kyle and Kim hide their bitch behind a smile. Lisa just will tell you bluntly to piss off.


Liza o Liza. You continue to be the worst advert for English women you are always bitching and putting your big English foot in. All that money doesn't give you the right to be such a snob and be so in people's faces with your strange tastes. Please change. And a pram for your dog come on take a look at your friends they are more real than you

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