Justin Bieber Loses Monkey in Florida, Enrages Private Jet Company

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Justin Bieber kept a private jet grounded in South Florida for eight hours yesterday while he searched for his pet monkey, according to reports.

Justin Bieber, Monkey

The singer, who was in Miami for Game 7 of the NBA Finals, chartered a private jet to take him home to L.A. It was supposed to take off at 11 a.m. EDT.

Bieber did not show until 3 p.m., and then said he wasn't ready to leave because he needed to retrieve his monkey from nearby West Palm Beach.

Four more hours passed, and JB actually chartered a helicopter to bypass street traffic and retrieve the primate. Finally, just before 8 p.m., the plane left.

It is not confirmed that the monkey made it on board with Justin.

Meanwhile, back home in his Calabasas gated community, Biebs' loser friends Lil Twist and Lil Za were terrorizing his neighborhood as usual.

And we thought Paula Deen had the worst PR people ever.


This child is a HUGE pain in the toucas!


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U are sexy can I have u I like u song one less lonley girl it makes me cry

@ Brianna

Shut the F up.


I seriously doubt that people would have thrown a bitch-fit if this had been his DOG that was lost. It's a PET! Species shouldn't be discriminated against! I don't like really like JB's singing, but GOOD FOR HIM.


Justin Bieber needs his A$$ kicked. He is a complete jerk in my opinion who is nothing bur trouble!!!! He makes me sick.

@ Lynn

Just like the PET he abandoned in Germany without a second thought.


What DIVA behavior! That poor monkey looks traumatized! Even his manager wants him to go to rehab to straighten up! I pray it doesn't but something bad is going to happen with those idiots living in his house and Justin driving one of those cars like maniacs! He needs to kick them out and make them sign contracts that they never ever drive one of his cars ever again and HE NEEDS TO SLOW IT DOWN!


this is the usual media exaggeration of everything he does. So he's a bad guy because he could not locate his pet. He's condemned for being late to the airplane, but he would have been condemned if he abandoned it. Furthermore, to say his friends, who are black, are terrorizing hes neighborhood is a vast exaggeration. Can't the media report anything on him that's positive for a change? Meanwhile, Rihanna, who has been late to over 10 concerts and is using drugs is given a pass.


Now I'm not a Bieber fan but at least he was trying to be a responsible pet owner. Just because it's a monkey, I have several friends that have them. It's probably one of the first responsible things I've seen that kid do. Anyone else would do the same for their fur babies, leave him alone.


That's a lie most people aren't happy with what they have they whine. And talk shit Unless your from a small town or were raised good economically.

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