Farrah Abraham: Taking Drinking & Drugs Seriously 'Cause the #MomInMe Cares

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Farrah Abraham says she's turning over a new leaf.

Not when it comes to porn, plastic surgery and being a self-obsessed pathological liar. Gosh no. But she says she is taking drugs and drinking seriously.

Farrah Abraham Boob Job Picture

After pleading guilty to DUI and ordered to go completely sober for six months, she's showing the world that she's doing just that ... 'cause the #MomInMe cares.

“Take Drinking & Drugs seriously! the #MomInMe cares,” Farrah Abraham tweeted this week, with a photo of her blood alcohol concentration calculator.

"#No Drinking for #6 months #NoProblem, Now time to #Party :) !!"

If only the mom in her cared before driving while WAY over the legal limit, which she then tried to explain away by saying she was "only parking."


We suppose as long as she quits driving drunk, we can tolerate her fishing for credit for stuff that a normal, responsible parent just does.

As for whether she's setting the right example for Sophia by making that Farrah Abraham porn and then lying about it repeatedly, that's another story.

And how about that Farrah Abraham boob job? Wow. Just ... wow.

Why one needs to upgrade one's fake boobs another cup size, we have no idea, but you can see the results on display for you in the photo above.

She's definitely outshining Kim Kardashian in that department.


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this chick is uglier than Tori Spelling


Stop posting stories about this stupid effin whore, she is a nobody so let her go suck cock, take it up the ass in private




oh Farrah, you have screwed up the rest of your life. no decentpeople will ever invite you over, you will marry a scum bag, and honestly, you will never be beautiful. your daughter will know everything later on and girl, money is not everything. you really are disgusting.

Sara servalis

Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham's Bald, Sloppy Vagina vs Hillary Clinton's Hairy One

Elizabeth nolette

this girl does not need anymore reporting or articles done on her. I think shes a waste of time. Shes a little brat, treats everyone around her like there beneath her. She's had an oui, had her mother arrested, done porn, and last she had a child while being a child. She needs to grow up but for some reason people think shes cool. I feel better for her family but most of all for her daughter. Child protective services needs to take Sophia away and let her mother or father raise her. put some clothing on and stop dressing so trashy. what happened to working with food...thats a much better profession than porn star. STOP REPORTING ON THIS ONE, WASTE OF TIME !

Elizabeth nolette
@ Elizabeth Nolette



What the media should do, is stop publishing anything related to this woman's life and business. You only fuel her "fame". It enables her to act out and get negative attention that is clearly unnecessary. If no body wrote about her or gave her any attention, she'd just disappear and maybe actually start growing up. Just let if die out. That's all. Be done with her.


The reason she gets so much nasty bitch crap thrown her way is because all of us haters have seen on that show what a jerk she is.Shame on the parents for allowing her to be on that show. Yrs I do feel for her her parents are nuts for allowing teen mom into their lives. Now look at the horrible results!


Anyone would think she was a child killer by the amount of vitriol that gets hurled her way. She's practically still a kid herself, still learning about life and yes, screwing up now and again. Who hasn't? What a bunch of bitches THG are.


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I think having a TV show that shows your personality and your intimate life, you know, showing your best friend, and then showing having sex ... to me it's kind of the same thing because both things are intimate.

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