Chamique Holdsclaw Pleads Guilty to Attack of Ex-Girlfriend

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Chamique Holdsclaw pleaded guilty yesterday to attacking her ex-girlfriend in November, an incident that involved the ex-WNBA star firing a gun inside the victim's car.

But she won't spend a second behind bars.

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The former Tennessee standout was arrested in Atlanta eight months ago after police say she took a baseball bat to Jennifer Lacy's car and then pulled the trigger on a loaded weapon.

Holdsclaw owned up in court to 2 counts of aggravated assault, 4 counts of criminal damage and 1 count of illegal firearm possession.

But despite the drastic nature of the crime, Holdsclaw only received a fin of $3,000, along with three years probation and 120 hours of community service.

She also must stay away from Lacy and attend anger management counseling.


Just like a man to do something like this. But instead, this is a woman...a black woman no less. If this were a black man, please, His ass would under the the damn jail! Hate to make it about race but this is about race as well as class too. How come she can get away with something so heinous and the next (Man) cannot. What the law hasn't caught up to same sex relationships yet? Bullshit. If this woman can be just as abusive as any man could or would, then the same punishment should go to her as well as any guy. Plain and simple. Make it fair all the way through.


she was just protecting her family!!

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