Woman Sues United Airlines for Allowing Passenger to Masturbate on Flight

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A young woman named Monica Amestoy has filed a lawsuit against United Airlines in which she alleges that a male passenger was permitted to masturbate right in front of her on a flight last year.


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    Oh boy, Gloria Allred is involved....I should have known!!


    She shouldnt have complained instead of giving him a hand if you know i mean..


    Proof she's out for cash:
    1. She's represented by GLORIA ALLRED.
    2. She's suing for FALSE IMPRISONMENT.
    3. The guy has ALREADY BEEN PUNISHED.

    While not appropriate (he should have gone into the on-board washroom or waited until he landed/done it before boarding), I don't think it should make him a criminal. Registering as a sex offender? Way too harsh. Sex offenders are rapists. Sex offenders produce and distribute child porn. Sex offenders are real, violent, immediate dangers to all in society. This guy was wrong, but not THAT wrong.

    How can you stop someone from masturbating? The awkwardness of doing it in public is the worst part. You can't just stop, really; you have to finish up. That's why he should have stepped into the washroom, done it and gotten out. There would have been no problem if he were more private and used more discretion, but it's not the airline's fault if someone starts jacking off. It wasn't intentional infliction of emotional distress. The airline wasn't doing it to spite you; despite what you think, airlines don't care THAT MUCH about you after they've received your payment.

    @ wow+dude.+

    wow+dude.+ - i agree that theres no reason 4 her 2 sue the airline, but the attendants SHOULD have done smthng. thats public indecency and there was smthng CLEARLY wrong with dude 4 doing it in front of people. he obviously WANTED some1 2 see.

    @ wow+dude.+

    Hey, man...I agree. And, the fact that this Monica Amestoy chick is being represented by that man-ish-looking pit bull Gloria Allred is further proof that Gloria Allred will represent A-N-Y-O-N-E. And, very true...having that unidentified passenger dude register as a sex offender is STUPID AS HELL!!!!! Bottom Line: That Monica Amestoy chick sounds like an uppity airhead looking for a quick/tasty $$$ settlement. Dumb bitch.


    If he did not masturbate and instead had a "hard unit"?


    False imprisonment? Is that what being in an airplane is? And "Intentional infliction of emotional distress?" someone's after a paycheck.


    OMG! I don't know how long this flight was, but couldn't they wait til they landed?

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