Wade Robson to Break Silence on Michael Jackson Allegations

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Wade Robson is ready to break his silence on the Michael Jackson sex abuse allegations, and does not sound like a man who's ready to duck and cover.

Wade Robson and MJ

Robson surfaced at NYC's JFK airport today, where he was accosted by paparazzi about his accusations that Michael Jackson sexually abused him.

Choreographer Wade, 30, said that the late King of Pop abused him for years when he was a kid, and that he was a monster and everyone knows it.

As for why he didn't come forward until now, he says he blocked out the memories and recently suffered a breakdown due to the repressed trauma.

That breakdown, he claims, torpedoed his career and cost him millions, which he is hoping to recoup in his lawsuit against the music icon's estate.

The estate believes Wade is completely lying, while MJ's former lawyer suggests that AEG could be behind Robson's curiously timed allegations.

Robson says he'll open up later this week. Think he's telling the truth?


Is this crap ever going to end? Too late now, boy.


AEG is a powerful company, not only did they have control over Michael Jackson in his last days, but now they have control over Wade Robson. Wade has always backed Michael up and praised him. The timing is too much, AEG on trial and said they were going to bring up the molestation in court and now this! Come on people, open your eyes. Shame on you Wade...What does AEG have on you! Or maybe the question is...what are they offering you to bring Michael down? The man paid all His life with this kind of crap, "Just Leave Him Alone".


Why is Robson talking about repressed memories now that his boss AEG is being sued?Robson knew that as a child he had slept with Michael Jackson.He also knew all these years what Michael Jackson was being accused of.Why didn't he have his repressed memories checked out before?Why Now that his boss is being sued? Why now that nobody remembers who Wade Robson is ?


Man sit down somewhere, you must be broke? You had a breakdown, cause you broke, now you need money. Get you a job.


It is a big liar. He makes that for the money


I think it's true. A housekeeper saw them in the shower together, and even though he denied it at the time, it is shown time and time again, the victim protects the abuser to avoid embarrassement. Ask any mental health provider. The money, however, I don't agree with. Money isn't going to help.

@ prttymnknowsitall

About the maid….in her deposition in 1994 Blanca Francia said she saw only ONE image behind the shower door - that of MJ. Since he was laughing she BELIEVED that there was someone else there but she did not see any other figure except Jackson. Why he was laughing we don't know - the radio was on and he could hear something on the radio which made him laugh.
Ten years later, at the 2005 trial Blanca Francia suddenly remembered the story "so well" that she added some fictional details to it, however Thomas Mesereau quickly refreshed her memory about her previous deposition. So in 2005 Francia was blatantly lying.
But even this is not all. The picture of the shower shows that Blanca Francia could not see anything even in theory as even when the door is WIDE OPEN, you CANNOT see the shower, or see just a VERY little part of it.
More FACTS: the maid admitted under oath that she had been paid by certain media house for her story. The testimony of more than 400 witnesses over a 13-month long investigation span along with evidence was presented to 2 grand juries in ’94 both of which refused to indict MJ as they thought the charges were false




hahahahahahahahahahaha, put him in a madhouse, folks.

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