Wade Robson Allegations: Motivated By Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Case, AEG?

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Wade Robson's new sex abuse accusations against Michael Jackson shocked the world, but MJ's former attorney has a theory on why he came forward now.

The timing is so curious, Tom Mesereau suggests it may be the work of AEG - the company at the center of the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit.

The legal battle currently raging between Katherine Jackson and Michael's children and AEG could cost the concert promoters BILLIONS of dollars.

With that much at stake, and Michael's reputation possibly their best line of attack, would they go so far as to pay Wade Robson to come forward against MJ?

Mesereau doesn't know anything for a fact, but wouldn't doubt it.

He insinuated in an interview with TMZ Live that Wade's accusations are motivated by money, and that even if MJ's Estate would pay up, AEG could.

That's a pretty serious charge, but crazier things have happened.

Wade is clearly motivated by money, as evidenced by the basic fact that he filed a claim against the singer's estate while MJ is not here to refute the claim.

He claims a nervous breakdown and the trauma of the long-repressed sexual abuse torpedoed his career, however, and wants compensation as a result.

It's at least possible, from a legal standpoint, that he believes this.

You buying Tom's theory? Or, as Robson's attorney claims, was Michael Jackson an abusive monster who intimidated and brainwashed Wade all these years?

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AEG lawyers warned us "ugly stuff would come out" - and a week or so later, lo and behold, here comes ugly stuff. Odd accusation, odd timing, and overall odd behaviour by Wade Robson. Nothing really adds up, he doesn't behave like a "normal" victim, and MJ didn't behave like the "usual" perpetrator. It's just utterly confusing. I'm inclined to still put my money on Michael.


This is clearly an 'implanted' memory via cold hard cash from AEG and its criminals. Expect more of the same to come out, all paid for by them, to try to bolster their case. I hope the Jacksons win their case and AEG and its crooks are no more.


..........GO & PLAY HIDE & SEEK


This is ridiculous. I used to think he was an amazing choreographer, a true fan. But this is ridiculous.

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