Student Reprimands Teacher in Class, Video Goes Viral

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A cellphone video of a high school student in Duncanville, Tex., reprimanding his teacher for her allegedly poor teaching methods has gone viral.

In an impassioned, impromptu speech, the student criticizes his teacher for "handing out a frickin' packet" instead of "face-to-face" lessons.

"You want a kid to change and start doing better? You gotta touch his frickin' heart. Can't expect a kid to change if all you do is just tell him," he says.

"I'm telling you what you need to do. You want kids to come into class, to get excited for this? You gotta come in here, you gotta make them excited."

"And when you come in here like you did last time and make a statement about, 'Oh this is my paycheck,' indeed it is. But this is my country's future, and my education."

"You've got to take this job serious. This is the future of this nation."

All this as the teacher repeatedly asks the student to leave.

Many online viewers supported the student's views and criticized her response, while some felt he was out of line to call her out in this fashion.

The school district issued a statement, confirming that administrators are "aware of the video and we are currently addressing the situation."

The district appears to be trying to avoid fanning the flames any further, acknowledging people on both sets of arguments regarding this video:

"As a district with a motto of 'Engaging Hearts and Minds' we focus on building positive relationships with students and designing engaging work that is meaningful."

"We want our students and teachers to be engaged, but the method by which the student expressed his concern could have been handled in a more appropriate way."

"We are and will continue to be open to listening to students.”

What do you think? Was the student out of line?

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i think he was right by what was shown. if you dont teach and show them they will not learn.


While protests are only appropriate if they are peaceful, protests are NEVER supposed to be convenient. NEVER. The whole point is to change the way we think or operate, change the way the system works. He is admirable to be standing up for better education. The teacher didn't care at all. She was sitting in a desk, playing with her fingernails. The teacher deserves as much inherent respect as the student; more or less is only given out by what you say and do. Age, job and gender aren't credentials for winning arguments as much as for losing them, and anyone who says, "I'm older than you" is literally stealing a line from a grade 2 playground argument. If "it pays the bills" is the only reason you're a teacher, you ARE a shitty teacher. Don't get offended when someone calls you out and holds you accountable for things you say to their face.


I am a teacher. I engage and I educate. I am the classroom version of Gob Bluth with doves flying from the cuffs of sleeves. I could charge audiences for the stand up material I infuse within the common core content I teach. My colleagues are constantly telling me to begin a career as a motivational speaker/performer. That said, I mostly feel like I am horrible at and in my profession. I don't have enough time, not to read and grade 150 essays in a timely manner, or to plan for all daily media-rich bells and whistles needed to compete with 21st century zoomers and their attention spans. I spend more time preaching than I do teaching because the 21st century human is a vapid wasteland of radio static, and analog TV snow. I am from the future, light years and standing high above the mounting school loans waiting to bury and imprison the students I teach. And half of what I teach is undone by any number of half hour nightly TV shows of friends who live in posh apartments, spend all day lounging, and never seem to work. Half the time I want to call home and explain, "Parenting needs to improve." Then again, I'm bound to get any number of step-dads/step-moms, up to five times removed. A mother cried profusely before me earlier this week because her son doesn't have a father and she can't stop enabling him. "Send him to a bootcamp...or accept that he'll live in your basement at thirty-years old." Now, I said that with a certain level of tact. But, I tiptoe the line of Jesus' styled repentance and blunt-honesty rhetoric. As pointed and articulate as this boy is, his manner is shameful. There was a context to this outburst and it goes further than the filmed moment. His hair is an embarrassment to all but the Nelson twins. And that is the Google lesson I'll leave you with. Yes that's right, why teach with packets when you can teach with Google.

@ Desk Jumper

Are you seriously judging this kid solely on his hair! How shallow can you be? I'm sorry but you are completely ignorant. Just cause has long hair makes no difference to the amount of knowledge he may have. This kid has shown more class and professionalism than you sir. Your nearly entire post was about how great you are and how no other teacher compares to you. You know nothing of the context that was said prior too. How do you know he isn't justified. Get over yourself.

@ Desk Jumper

An adult student with an opinion and long hair....I'm sure that's why he shouldn't have said anything. You may be the teacher that doesn't hand out packets, but many do. He was frustrated and wanting to be taught. Students have a right to speak up if he hadn't done so in this manner his voice would not have been heard and I can guarantee you the school district would have paid no attention to him or his concerns. I'm glad it went public. Like you I am a teacher and all our students deserve the best from us and if I'm not giving I need to be called out.


He just came off as really immature to me. There are different and more appropriate ways to handle this situation then being rude and disrepectful.

@ Maria+Gentle

If the chick deserves it cause she is rude and doesn't care. Your completely ignorant to think that disagreeing is being rude. He was not rude at all but stating the truth and his own beliefs. You should stop talking so that you don't continue to embarrass yourself

@ Maria+Gentle

Are u crazy my hat goes off this young man. Hes and 18 yr old that drop ouy of scho and went back so he in 10 grade. U got a lazy teacher setting on her butt a day handing out packets. He want to learn. I think he was mad and did a good job at holding it in. If ur a kid and hear a teacher say there just there for a paycheck. That must up. Hes got my support.

@ goofy_intx

Impressive speech.


yep...........BE DIFFERENT IN CLASS!!


Hats off to this student! I wish I had as much guts as he did to tell some of my teachers that they sucked at teaching.