Lindsay Lohan: Rehab is a Joke, I've Only Done Cocaine 4-5 Times, Ecstasy is Better Anyway

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Lindsay Lohan says she's not a big drinker, has only done cocaine 4-5 times in her life and has never done LSD, heroin or anything you have to inject.


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    hi hru mi frad


    Ok I have been clean from coke and ex for almost 6yrs now. Rehab isnt a joke if you want to get clean. I could be paid enough now to touch it. Plus the reason why ex feels so great is because it eats pin sized holes in your brain. Ik from experiance that it can cause memory loss. Plus the whole being able to stop drinking when ever she wants is alcoholism 101. I have yet to meet an alcoholic that cant "stop when ever they want." The sad thing is that if she goes in with that attitude, its a waste of money and means she isnt ready to face her own demons. Really kinda sad


    hopefully all these dirt balls will overdose and we won't have to see all this nonsense anymore


    What a dumb story. Is the public suppose to know why she's in rehab.


    She like Ecstasy while she's taking dick from the back and gobbeling one down her throat!!!!

    @ rod

    So you know her personally then.oh well, make sure you get tested then!


    All she has to do is look at some old pictures or herself in a mirror and she may be able to tell what a mess she is. But I doubt it!


    Lindsey is a crash course and never will respect the Law nor does she respect herself. Until she respects herself, she can't be helped. If this was an average citizen (not necessarily black) we would be in jail. She needs a stiff dose of a jail cell and other cell mates. Judges are showing favor to her :supposedly" star status. She is broke, how can she finance a 20K a week facility? Oh forgot Charlie Sheen is willing to pay. Another joke


    Amy Winehouse. nuff said


    Four letters for Lindsay: L I A R


    If rehab is a *JOKE* then PRISON/JAIL is the PENALTY. She is INSULTING all of us, because if this was a BLACK woman, she would be IN already, or along time ago. The justice system, is the JOKE. But, in California, one can get away with MURDER if you have the $$$$ and if you were, PAST TENSE, a heisman trophy winner. One can do anything in this country, and ALWAYS have our AMENDMENTS to protect them. Incidentally when were those amendments written, because they need to be RE-EVALUATED and brought up to date. WHY is L.L. even on the streets?

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