Kristen Stewart: Heartbroken Over Robert Pattinson Split

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It may be temporary, but it appears to be real and, as you might expect, quite upsetting:

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have broken up.

And in the wake of this unexpected split, insiders close to the actress tell E! News that Stewart is "heartbroken" and just "so sad." But there may be hope for the couple yet.

"They are going to stay living at Kristen's house because of the dogs," the source says. "It's not fully over or [Rob] would have moved out."

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Pose

The couple had been spotted all around California over the past few weeks, celebrating Kristen's 23rd birthday and attending Coachella.

But word of Robsten difficulties spread last week, culminating in yesterday's sad news.

Still, worry not, fans. As one friend of the pair makes very clear: "They will be back together in no time."

Let's all hope so!


Is Robert gay??? I know his sisters dressed him up as a girl and introduced him as Claudia. He said so, Maybe Kristen is like or was like a beard or cover for him. Plenty of gay men do this in Hollywood. He always talks about himself, never Kristen. Then he breaks her heart this way.


I though Robert took the dogs with him. I know Kristen's house is on the market for sale.


Just leave them alone. Kristen was not stoned at the Academy Awards, she was on pain killers. Cut your foot on a piece of glass and see how you feel.


No entiendo el porque critican tanto a una mujer cuanto llega a tener algun tropiezo, no me digan que Robert siempre le fue fiel a Kristen, se ve que el es de esos hombres machos, o que acaso el si tenian derecho a divertirse con quien quiera y ella no. yo no estoy de acuerdo con eso, tanto la mujer como el hombre tienen el mismo derecho, pero claro cuando se trata de alguna mujer inmediatamente sale el machismo y la tratan como lo peor. Sigue adelante Kristen y demuestrale a Robert que tu tienes caracter y vas a salir adelante con él o sin el, no lo necesitas


I wonder how many times men are ever called cheating whores, when they stray. In truth, a whore gets paid for her services, which I doubt fits this situation. it seems to me, people, especially women, like to tear down other women. They seem to be especially harsh, if they are young attractive, and, or women with money. I will never, even being a woman, completely understand why so many women are so quick to tear down other women. It has been that way forever.


sorry, I am tired and left words out in places. Looks pretty silly.


I just wish everyone would leave them to their own devices, and decisions. I am also tired of Kristen taking all the heat. If Robert Pattenson did not want to go back with her, after horrendous mistake, he should not have done it. I also think he should have stayed and fought for what he wanted, when he found out Rupert. Instead, he ran like a frightened little boy. It was said his sisters, family, friends all said he should dump Kristen, which was not their business. It is fine to be there for someone, but the advice is another thing all together. Nobody should put their take on another persons love life. It just isn‘t smart. If he was going to leave, he should have made a clean cut. All his hee hawing around is ridiculous. I give them one chance in a hundred to fix everything, but not just because of Kristen. It takes two to make a relationship work, or break it.


I think all this news of them breaking up is just BS! If they aren't seen together; which they rarely get caught by the paparazzi together, everyone just assumes they broke up. When Rob was filming The Rover, these rumors started again and it was all BS. Even if they do breakup they are adults and its their business. For now. Good luck to both of them and you two just laugh at all this shit.


Kristen Stewart is a spoiled, self-centered tramp who has used Robert Pattinson for years. During "Twilight" interviews, Kristen was always rude & tacky to Robert by putting him down or making fun of him. She was a real bitch to him. Robert must have really loved this trashy girl because he always stood by her. Robert Pattinson is CLASS and Kristen Stewart is TRASH; Robert should move on with his life and career, and forget about that tramp because there is no future with her. Look at the family she came from, and look at Robert's family, totally different backgrounds. A relationship is out-of-the-question for those two. MOVE ON NOW!

@ Sadie

shut up!


I agree Wirh Jessica who cares if she's heartbroken she's a cheating whore and she deserves to be dumped sorry so harsh but Thats how I feel

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