Jennifer Lawrence Photobomb Wins MET Gala

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Jennifer Lawrence officially won the MET Gala 2013.

Sure, there were no actual awards handed out at the annual fashion soiree, but she was the big winner just the same. Why, you might ask, do we say this?

Watch her photobomb Sarah Jessica Parker below:

Jennifer Lawrence Photobomb

Just when we thought we couldn't love J-Law more.

There's SJP, in her preposterous headpiece, happily arranging her almost-as-ridiculous gown, when Jen jumps into view with a giant, goofball grin.

Best photobomb ever? If not the best, it's up there.

Regardless, it's just another example of how the star is the epitome of adorable realness in a world full of carefully-managed, uptight stiff celebs.

Jennifer Lawrence bikini photos are also hot.


good thing, PEOPLE WHO SMOKE POT ARE DIFFERENT..............


Gotta give props to SJP for reading the memo -- it was a "punk-style" costume ball and she wore it!! With very few exceptions (Madonna, Vivienne Westwood, et al) -- most went for your classic Oscar-type attire -- a sexy Cinderella! Then there was Kim K. who decided to go all Halloween and be a walking/talking rose garden topped off with her head!

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