Houston Police Shut Down Kanye West Screening of "New Slaves"

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Last week, Kanye West debuted his music video for "New Slaves" by projecting it across the fronts of buildings around the world.


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    Don't listen to crap music or watch trash shows. Enough said!


    Lol,k-trash and kanye are a joke.. Enough said!!

    @ Snicker

    you know its funny how most of the comments about kanye west are about his relationship with k. k., if you were paying attention you would understand what new slaves is all about....sad that if you were really paying attention everything that your commenting on is exactly what he said in the second verse....its true people hear what they want to hear....and not understand the quality of the words...that's the generation we live in now.....get it "there are leaders and there's followers, but I rather be a dick than a swallower..." who do you think he's talking about people smh


    Lone Star is right. West is trash personified. His 'music' should only be for idiots that pay for it--not foisted on the public at large.


    kanye west means: GONG ANAL WITH THE BOY'S OF TINSL TOWN.


    This is good. It's time this trash has some boundaries. He is typical. Just like he was when he called George Bush out for being a racist for the Katrina tragedy. Just like he jerked the microphone out of Taylor Swift's hand. This pathetic example of a human being is only fit for a Kardashian. When will America stop tolerating this trash because anytime he wants some attention all he does is BLAME the White Man. He is EVERYTHING that is wrong with America. Race Card Player- Self Absorbed- a User-overrated and not accountable.


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