Angie Miller Responds to American Idol Elimination: Bitter, Sweet

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Many viewers had her tagged as the next American Idol champion, but Angie Miller received the bad news last night along with her large fan base:

The talented piano player has been voted out of Season 12 a week before the finals.

“It’s bitter and sweet,” Miller told reporters soon after learning her fate. “I definitely thought that with the whole hometown visit and how huge social media has been... did feel kind of confident that I was going to make it.”

Still, Miller harbors no resentment, not considering the talents of Candice Glover and Kree Harrison.

"They're both incredible," she said of her competition, adding that the upcoming finale will be an "amazing night."

As for her future? Miller says she hopes to record and release her original song, "You Set Me Free."

She also has big plans overall:

“I'm really excited to start because I know that I want to make albums and be on TV shows and acting and singing more original songs and everything!”

We wish Angie the best and we ask: Did she deserve to go home last night?


I was shocked when Angie was voted out, I was expecting Candice and Angie to be the final two


Angie should be the winner of American Idol. We all know that show is fixed. Angie was the best there! Everyone felt bad for Kree's story they why I believe she stayed. Will never watch the show again

@ Nikki

That is exactly what I said on Facebook. Yeah I do feel sorry for her but that story definitely got her into the finale and she is a good singer but I just believed Angie was so much better and she deserved to win!!!

@ Nikki

Nikki, sorry you won't be watching the show anymore. However, you are wrong. Angie mugged for the camera like a beauty pageant contestant and the audience picked up on that. Kree is much more genuine and the voting reflected it.


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