Sean Lowe: Leading a Double Life!?

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Is The Bachelor Sean Lowe leading a double life?

That's the implication of the new issue of Life & Style, which says Catherine Giudici's fiance is (hope you're sitting down for these bombshells) …

Sean Lowe, Catherine Giudici Pic
  • Obsessed with fame!
  • Ordering shots at clubs!
  • Flirting with other women!

Hardly the Sean Lowe America grew to love, and root for, on The Bachelor, but the sad reality of who he's become these days, at least according to L&S.

Despite the good front the duo puts on, Catherine Guidici "can't take it anymore."

Whether there's any truth to this, of course, remains highly questionable.

Nothing the couple has said or done remotely corroborates the celebrity gossip reports of their inevitable doom, however we have been wrong in this area before.

We thought Emily Maynard and Jef Holm were built to last and that similar gossip magazine covers were complete nonsense. Then they turned out to be accurate.

So … you be the judge. And vote in our survey:

Will Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici last?

Calvin o neal

I don't see these two making it at all. he has alredy been having sex with Peta Murgatroyd. He has been spotted getting s%itface drunk at clubs, they also have been fighting like cats and dogs since Jan 2013. Wish theyd just break up already.


Whatever respect I had for Sean Lowe is now G-O-N-E forever!!!!! Asshole.


They won't make it, they both have big egos and one of them is going to crash and burn, or they may just keep up the farce to get all the money and fame from the wedding and then a year later split. Both of them are in this for the fame and money, not LOVE!!!

Cy brunk
@ Louise

Same here I dont see it, pretty clear they both are getting cash for these DWTS gigs and from mags...its all about milking the cow for what they can...but after that these two will be over..I think they will be done around a few weeks after DWTS is over.



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