Ready For Love: Canceled By NBC

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NBC was not Ready For Love after all.

The dating series, which has aired only two episodes, has been canned and will be replaced by Grimm in the network's maligned Tuesday, 10 p.m. slot.

Ready For Love

It is unclear where or when remaining episodes of the Eva Longoria-produced dating show, a convoluted knockoff of The Bachelor, will air.

Despite its powerhouse lead-in with The Voice, Ready For Love had a shaky premiere in the ratings, then dropped significantly in its second airing.

So long, RFL.

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Uuuuuugugughghghhg! Bring it back! Ready for love was the best!


Ready for Love Nice program, for them to stop it means they don't know nothing. Grimm is nothing. I don't watch it.


I loved this show. So different and fresh. Very classy. Sorry someone doesn't appreciate good stuff. I can't believe you think GRIMM is good. I think it is gruesome. Ready for Love is fun and nice. Too bad they can't even have the common. courtesy to let us see the remaining shows. I think it sucks.


I loved this show and have been waiting for my next episode and am SO disappointed !!! You don't start something and not finish it ! .... Not a happy camper :(


I am really loving "ready for love." Not sure why it was canceled but at least it can still be viewed on the NBC app each week. Such a great show!!!!!!


Right. So NBC banishes Smash to Saturday Night for some stupid Bachelor knockoff and then cancel that show and have to replace it with Grimm. No wonder NBC is failing. Having shows take a winter break from NOVEMBER TO MARCH (Grimm & Revolution) or not bring back Smash until after the first of the yr with a season 1 ending in May.
The network is working to ruin what few shows people are actually watching!


I can't believe NBC cancelled "Ready for Love". I know lots of people who watched it. And were like me waiting for the next Episode. What the heck????????? At least finish what you've started. Who did the Bachelors pick? Who decided to cancel without giving us viewers the results? Shame on NBC...I stopped watching "Good Morning America". Changed to ABC and refuse watching any NBC program from now on. Shame on you NBC!!!!!! Bring "Ready for Love" back if you want to be 'Ready for Love' from your loyal viewers.


I really liked this show, I hope that you will please bring the show back or at least have it so that we can see the remaining shows.


And another thing,honey boo boo and all her sisters want you NBC DUMMIES to bring back "READY FOR LOVE " TOO!!!!!!! WHERE'S the PETITION?????? Bad,BAD NBC,you don't deserve my CAPITAL Letters till you smartin up!!!!!