PETA Blasts Kate Upton for Wild Animal Photo Shoot

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So, this is what it takes to have a issue with Kate Upton photos.

PETA has set its annoying sights on the model after seeing pictures of her posing for a Harper's Bazaar spread titled "The Animal Nursery."

The photo spread features the absurdly attractive 20-year-old surrounded by such critters as a baby tiger, a leopard, a gibbon and a lion.

  • Kate Upon Harper's Bazaar Photo
  • Kate Upton for Harper's Bazaar

Railed PETA in a statement:

"We're sure that Kate, like most people, doesn't know that wild animals used for photo shoots have been taken away from their mothers at birth and deprived of everything that is natural and important to them. The gibbon featured in the photographs is an infant and should be with his mother at all times.

"Besides the emotional trauma that he has undoubtedly suffered as a result of the separation, his delicate immune system is still developing, and he is susceptible to illnesses that humans carry.

"All the animals in the photographs are endangered and should be protected, rather than being treated like props."

  • Kate Upon and a Monkey
  • Kate Upton, Tiger

Miami's Zoological Wildlife Foundation provided the gibbon in question, however, and a spokesperson tells E!:

"Our animals are not taught to do tricks. They are raised with dignity, love and respect. PETA's comment about them being 'ripped off their mothers from the wild' is at best ludicrous."

Moreover, it's clear at least one one unusual animal is a fan of Upton: Wolverine point guard Spike Albrecht Tweeted at the Michigan native yesterday!

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