Lindsay Lohan: I ADMIT EVERYTHING, Will Go to Rehab For 180 Days!

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I could no longer look at myself in the mirror.

So stated Lindsay Lohan this morning in a stunning turn of events, as the troubled star copped to being a total mess and vowed to turn things around.

She also promised that she will check into rehab immediately and will not return to work (or whatever it is that she does) until early 2014 at the earliest.

Lindsay Lohan in the Courtroom

"I've been living a lie for too long," Lindsay said early Monday. "I've been spiraling out of control, even if I didn't know it at the time. I lost track of who I am."

In an apparent shot at her family and management, she adds, "I've been surrounded by enablers instead of those who will guide me down the right path."

Lohan said her mentality has been to "deny, deny, deny" when it comes to getting into trouble with the law, or when it comes to personal issues.

That all stops now, she claims, and while we've heard it all before, never has she been more direct, or even acknowledged she has a problem at all.

"I've done many things I am not proud of," her statement continues. "I have not been forthcoming with the authorities, with my fans or with myself."

"I admit everything and ask that you forgive my mistakes. For so long, my approach has been to 'deny, deny, deny.' Today, I set out to change that."


"After a period of self-reflection I could no longer look at myself in the mirror. It is time to finally take responsibility and seek treatment for my addiction."

While Lindsay did not specify what that addiction entails, or confess to any specific crimes, the takeaway is clear: I admit everything. And I'm getting help.

Her statement concludes:

"As a result, I will be entering a 180-day in-patient treatment program effective immediately and will not return to work until next year at the earliest."

"I appreciate your well-wishes and hope that you will respect my privacy during this transitional period as I turn the page and become a better person."

It's taken a long time, but THG would like to applaud Lindsay Lohan for finally seeing the light and doing whatever it takes to get her life back on track.

Never thought we'd see the day. On a related note ...

Lindsay Lohan Mug Shots

... Yeah, right. Like this would ever happen.

Come on. You didn't really buy it, did you?



Oh, you got me so bad!!!! -_-

Rose marie herman

It would be wonderful if it were true,,perhaps,,she will wake up and smell the roses..


Great! You got me!! I was all excited about Lindsay cleaning up her act-until I saw the April Fools!

Vicky fonseca

Ha Ha Ha - got me! I was actually feeling very proud of her and happy that she had recognized her reality. Fingers crossed, she still will.


you guys are mean!!!! i was really hoping this was true. I hope she comes around, wins an Oscar and tells everyone to kiss her ass!!


Poor taste, THG. You get a wagging of the finger for that one.


I gotta had me going. With that said, it was in poor taste. You should have went the route of saying Brad and Angelina got married or something a little more light hearted.


Save the jokes for joking matters! This crap lacks moral fiber, as if anyones mental health doesn't matter? Real sad, about like race related bigotry sort of, very heartless like human life doesn't matter? You suck, no April fools joke here, just the truth!


I think Lindsay can do it! We can all change especially when your very life is at stake!

@ Drew

Drew, scroll down below Lindsay's mug shots - it was a joke. You have a kind heart though.

@ Drew

You do realize that this was an April Fools joke right?

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