Kim Kardashian Ogles Sister's Rear End on Camera

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Kim Kardashian knows a thing or two about having her rear end filmed on video camera.

Isn't that right, Ray J?

But the reality star flipped the script over the weekend, getting behind the lens herself and hitting Play on half-sister Kendall Jenner, just trying to sunbathe in peace.

Watch now as Kim gives props to her sibling's body, mentioning how she continues to be called fat while Kendall is exceptionally thin.

This isn't at all awkward for all involved...

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Kim Kardashian Ogles Sister's Rear End on Camera
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Creep. Exploit your sister, as if she doesn't know it and a shout out to your mother for teaching how to whore out your family.


we're still looking for the boobs?




Hm, kiddie porn. Pimpin' mah Sis - Yo!