Ke$ha Describes Harry Styles as "Cute," Admits: We're Texting!

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Is the world ready for $tyles?

Likely incurring the wrath of teenage females around the world (not to mention Taylor Swift), Ke$ha has told Now magazine that Harry Styles is "pretty cute" and added that she is developing a relationship with the One Direction singer.

Of what nature?

Ke$ha at MTV Movie Awards
Harry Styles Waves

"We've texted here and there," Ke$ha told E! News. "No sexting - not yet. Maybe he can be my cougar bait."

Ke$ha is seven years older than Styles, but says taking their flirtation to the next level "could be really fun."

She also thinks he looks like a young Mick Jagger.

We can't help but wonder how Johnny Depp would feel about all of this. He DID have eyeball sex with Ke$ha, after all.


SORRY KE$ha BUT SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE! GET A LIFE I LOVE YOU AS A SINGER BUT DON'T TRY TO BE HOOKING UP WITH A 19 year old teenager go find someone else to hook up with please ain't nobody got time for that lol
Love you harry!

@ danny styles

I don't mean it in a mean way but its just a advice givin

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