Jon Gosselin: Spreading Lies About Kate For Profit?

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As the battle over Kate Gosselin and her online detractors rages on, Jon Gosselin is back in the middle of it and being accused of plotting to defame his ex.

Anti-bullying activist James McGiney, says he can prove Jon and anti-Kate author Robert Hoffman joined forces in a scheme to lie about Kate for profit.

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McGinley, who owns Bullyville, recently announced a crusade (and lawsuit) against people he says have crossed the line in attacking the mother of eight.

That has not deterred Hoffman, Kate’s most ardent critic.

His once-banned e-book about her is on the verge of being put back on the Internet, and in response McGibney says he will expose Hoffman's “lies” and “deceit.”

Including working with Jon to take down Kate.

McGibney has set up and @hoffmanbook, promising he will release proof of a money trail fueling the anti-Kate Gosselin material.

“I’m going after Jon, a lawyer involved in this and Hoffman,” McGibney told Radar regarding Hoffman’s self-published Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled The World.

The book was briefly for sale on Amazon last year but was removed by the e-retailer after two days when lawyers for Kate demanded it be taken down.

Around the same time, rumors surfaced that Jon Gosselin gave Hoffman access to Kate’s computer hard drives, filled with contracts, journals and other info.

Hoffman claimed he pulled all of that out of her trash.

If he's intimidated by Bullyville's efforts - the site recently outed her stalkers on Twitter - he's not showing it. In fact, he seems to be loving the attention.

“Thank you to for putting the national spotlight back on a story that had been swept under the rug and had been long forgotten,” he writes.

But McGibney signaled his own charge into the battle with this tweet: @BullyVille: Coming Soon! Hoffman Book ~theft, lies and the money trail.”

Game on.


No come on Kate. I really like u and I know others don't but I do. To
sling things that can hurt other's feeling is not right. I feel Kate was
playing and being cute which I can see. Her c hildren are part Asian so you know NO disrespect was made here. We need to be aware of what we put out there. I hate to think it's anything someone had any part in doing because that would be in malice.




I hardly think Kate let him off the hook for child support. There was an exchange there. Interesting that she is in possession of the home, all the furnishings. Those were all marital assets. And she continued to make money off the kids, when Jon said he would not do that anymore, that it was wrong. And I read somewhere the ridiculous amount of child support he had to pay, which was based on then worth, not current earnings. Everyone needs to stop bashing Jon. He has stayed out of the limelight and has not said one thing about Kate. Kate should learn from that. This whole 3 ring circus that Kate created needs to go away.


....And there it is. I guess Bullyville and Kate weren't getting enough press on the story so they decided to drag poor pathetic Jon into the mix. Wow! What some people will do to be famous or read their names in the news (good or bad). The sad thing is they are going after a group of senior citizen's to do it....And because they are elderly and NOT cute, blonde, rich or skinny they are left by the wayside in all this. Kate will get press and maybe another reality show. Bullyville guy finally gets that much deserved attention he so rightly believes he deserves. And these women they are attacking, well no one really care's about the real victims so ..... Hey, as long as Kate and Bullyville get famous thats all that matters!

@ JaniceWilliams

Uh hello he has said plenty about her that shes abusive, a control freak etc. He cheated on her but then told the world the string of women were all "friends". Hes a liar and obviously doesn't care about his kids at all to be writing this book! His kids are the only reason anyone knows who he is and now he wants to make money publicly ridiculing their mother? He is a piece of work.

@ JaniceWilliams

Agreed...Kate did drag Jon back into the spotlight from his normal life for this mess. The thing about the Reality Show...the networks don't want Kate...she's too controversial and demanding to work with...the show will flop...everyone has already said no to her. Its a big mess that will blow up in Kate's face once the kids grow and realize what she is doing to their father if they have already.


What lies?


She must be working for bully vile and getting paid by them. Who in their right mind would do what she's doing?

@ Rm4ua

You know what...I haven't thought of that...Kate maybe getting paid by this Bullyville guy and then again using her to get attention and she's too dumb to see it.


Geez here we go again! All their stupid dirty laundry out in the open once again. NEITHER ONE of these idiots give a fig about those 8 kids. Most people didnt believe the junk when that book came out, but NOW I do wonder about it. Kate has dissed Jon since before the divorce, bullied him, talked about him on national tv. On her twitter, she lets her crazed fans diss the father of her kids and joins in on the BS. Jon was actually BULLIED off of Twitter. Guess what? Twitter is NOT a right. One does not have to be on there. You CAN block the idiots who insult you. It is so fraking immature. I stopped reading her and keeping up with her, (I USED to be a fan) because of the idiotic things she did and said. Regardless what your opinion is of Jon he is STILL THE FATHER of those EIGHT children. Stop this stupidity. Kate is making even more 'memories' for these kids. Disgusting. A note to KATE AND JON---YOUR CHILDREN WILL READ ALL ABOUT YOUR ANTICS SOON. If they haven't by now. this WILL be the last thing I read about these fools. Who will join me???


I'm in with you @DISGUSTED AND @JaniceWilliams Jon was pulled into this mess by Kate...the man is continuously being bullied whether you like him or not and he is still the children's father whether Kate like it or not. I feel so sorry for the Gosselin 8 when they read about this or have already read about this and they're going to hate their mother for this.


At the end, if this is true, whatever profits he gets will go to Kate anyway through the child supports he has to pay her. Therefore, she better hope he's getting some profits on it, because I bet this book will be more successfull and make way more money than all of her books together.


i always he was behind the book, just paying someone to front for him. he doesnt work and lives with his mother (i read on another site). he would do anything to get money without working. say whatever you want about her, she is taking care of the kids and didnt spend all the money on herself like he did, he doesnt even have to pay child support.

@ mary

Jon and his buddy will keep all their loot as Jon does not contribute a dime to help his kids. His wife let him off the hook in court proceedings, as he wasn't paying anyway. That was a mistake on her part, but he wasn't worth the trouble. Hope this cash he made off of her will satisfy him and he'll stop ripping off his ex and his kids.


jon "The Brain Crasher"?

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