Chris Brown: I Can't Win!!!!

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Chris Brown has released a song called "I Can't Win."

Sometimes, a song title is worth a thousand words.

The dance-heavy track features CB auto-tuning his way through a tale of romantic suffering, inviting you to read into it however you like based on his life.

It's been an interesting week for the maligned singer.

His dad doesn't want him to date Rihanna, while he publicly said he's happy and grateful for forgiveness ... yet he just unfollowed her on Instagram.

Also, he just shared this insightful Tweet:

CB Tweet May

Pretty much, Chris. Pretty. Much.


I see this thing with chris brown and rihanna as total shit. Come on both of you are to adults and no matter how much of a celebrity you are, you still have your personal life.
I know he beated her badly and they were in court and all that shit but if no one has ever made her feel the way she does but chris, who in Gods name can stop that?
Rihanna and Chris Brown need to come to their senses and stop allowing negativity of world hurt them and their relationship. If its him you truly love and only him alone can make your heart skip a thousand beats by just one word, go for it girl and forget what anybody else has to say.
And as for you Chris Brown you made a huge mistake and you're paying for it dearly with everything you have to offer, but I think its time you let your heart do the talk and your mind because again if she's the one who gets you weak in the knees with one touch, why not do your best to keep her where you want her? Rather than to let people who have no idea of what you're feeling do it for you???
Guys just wise up and stop hurting each other because of other. The best thing is that you have the rights be with who so ever you want to and regardless of all that, both of you are ADULTS sol act like one and stop behaving like a FUCKING 5year old.


well i don't know...haha


well,babeeh dis is really amazin in mah dream babeeh i wish I'm in dere...but ur pic is really amazon....


he knows the master?

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