Amanda Bynes Denies Smoking Weed in Planet Fitness Bathroom

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With Amanda Bynes, there is never a dull moment.

The 27-year-old was allegedly kicked out of a Planet Fitness gym in Harlem after being caught smoking marijuana in the bathroom, a claim she denies.

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Bynes tweeted in the wake of the latest crazy rumors surrounding her: "I don't smoke in the bathroom. I don't smoke pot. I smoke tabacco! [sic]"


A rep for the gym, meanwhile, told E! News: "Amanda Bynes was a member of the Planet Fitness location on 126th St. in Harlem. She is no longer a member."

The spokesperson did not elaborate.

Bynes did. She reamed out the Huffington Post for running the Planet Fitness story ... along with a bad photo of her. Seems to be an issue for Amanda.

The full text of her response:

@HuffingtonPost Choose a better photo or remove the story because I don't smoke in the bathroom. I also don't smoke pot I smoke tabacco! There are always tons of photos to choose, you pick the worst one! Read my twitter! Please don't make the same mistake you saw someone else just make! Tweet your contact information if you want to interview me which you seem to be dying to do! Stop writing continuous lies. Post my twit pics! Stop posting old photos!

NOTE: See our gallery of Amanda Bynes photos. We have A LOT of new ones from her NYC/Twitter selfie era, which should please the retired actress.


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I loved her when she was in the Nicklodeon


Okay Lindsey... Get real all of you immature children. If its not you it's Lindsey or Justin or some other childish celeb. Grow up!! Tired of hearing about these people


Instead of making her beef with the Huffington Post, go after Planet Fitness who caught her smoking pot. I am so sick of her threatening to sue the press. Where are all your lawsuits Amanda? There aren't any because any attorney will tell her she has ni grounds. If you don't want people posting bad pictures, then don't leave your house unless you look perfect. You were a former celebrity so the press will constantly be snapping pictures as they do with every celebrity. Deal with it! We live in America girl. Free speech & they can post any pictures they want to so quit threatening the press. It makes you look like a raging fool & just causes more people to laugh at you. Too sad...


I want Amanda to get help right away.


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