Sean Lowe "Still Happy" With The Bachelor Winner, Chris Harrison Promises

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Sean Lowe is still happy with his decision, The Bachelor's Chris Harrison says.

And you don't even need The Bachelor spoilers to guess the result, he adds.

"Going into the finale, I knew [who he would pick]," he told E! News this week.

Sean Lowe on The Bachelor Finale

That was a stark contrast from the hometown dates, when he had "no idea."

On Monday night's season finale, Sean chooses between his two finalists, Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter. Opinion is split on who fans prefer.

Harrison won't give away who wins (the link above takes care of that if you must know), but promises Sean is "definitely still happy" with the outcome.

Despite backlash from fans for eliminating Desiree Hartsock and AshLee Frazier, Sean has no regrets about his final two, or his fiancee, Chris says.

"He was happy with Lindsay and Catherine [as the final two]," Harrison adds.

"I think he aspires and hopes to have something like AshLee represents, I think that's what his parents have. But I also think that in the end he realized he's just not there yet."

"She's a little more mature and further along. Catherine and Lindsay are younger at heart and more fancy-free, where he can think, 'OK, that's a little more me right now.'"

Chris also says Sean's values made for a great season.

"Sean is a really religious guy and a man of high moral fiber, which he got from his family," the host with the most explains. "So that's the way the season went."

"If he would have been a playboy, it would have been a different season. I don't think everyone can be like that, it's just not in him, and that made things interesting and very real."

And a very real relief for his final rose recipient to know he didn't also get it in with two other girls in the Fantasy Suite. There's that benefit as well.

Who do you want to win The Bachelor?


I really liked Ashle. As you pointed out though, she was a bit more mature then him. She would have gotten the short end. He's is a little goofy. I thought he had gr8 gals to pick from--maybe he could have picked Terrea and she wouldn't had to lie about being engaged when she came back for WTA. If Sean was so picky about everything, don't look for him and Catherine to find the life they think. Maybe so; time will tell---by the next time the bachlors come to town!


Go Lindsay!! She's the winner!!! It's Lindsay guys. Also Catherine's mom refused to give her blessing when Sean asked. Des fos bachelorette! Leslie needs to be more open. If she can't be open to Sean will she with 20 more guys? Really? Lv Leslie but___, des good luck!!


I am so happy Lindsay is in the final 2:)) Im cheering for Lindsay go Lindsay oh and for the Bachelorette I want Lesley M. I think its going be to be down by Desiree, Sarah, Lesley M final 2 choices would be Desiree and Lesley because I think Desiree is more popular than Sarah and I do like her over Sarah:) Go Lindsay for Sean go Lesley for the next Bachelorette:))


Lindsay is the one she wants a family and to settle down and Catherine does not want to yet.Desiree was really good with Sean she should be the next Bachlorette!


Desiree was/is the one for him. There's no denying it. You could see it in his eyes at the WTA. He made a big mistake...and maybe Des dodged a bullet. He wasnt even willing to try to see past her estranged brother. She probably deserves better.

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