Melissa King Sort of Admits Starring in Sex Video

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After first denying that she had appeared in the porn video that ended her reign, former Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King may subtly be admitting it.

She's been re-tweeting up a storm and dropping hints to that effect.

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She has not come out and said the alleged Melissa King video is her, however if you read between the lines of her Twitter feed, that's the clear implication.

One of the messages she posted: "Be strong, life has a funny way of working out. Kim K made it and now is one of the most powerful women in the US."

She also re-tweeted a message from Kim Kardashian herself.

She certainly has the opportunity to follow in Kardashian's shoes and profit handsomely from her exposure - she's been offered the title of Miss YouPorn.

We doubt that she will accept the offer of $250,000 to become the face (and body) of the porn site, but the point is that when doors close, others open.

More broadly, it looks like a subtle admission that she appeared in the porn video, and regrets it, but won't let that define her and hold her down in life.

Other messages re-Tweeted by king include offerings of support and quotes about rising above adversity. Take a look at excerpts of her timeline below:

King M Tweets
Tweets From King

yo abigaild167 lets get some guap$$$ holla at AK!


I agree with teller of truth must not be no bad bitches in delaware.I got way badder bitches than her of all races and colors. My caucasian bitches got her Trumped! she would have to pay to lay with a REAL AKHI!


Something about all this doesn't sound quite right. She does this vid and then it gets exposed after being crowned beauty queen. Who actually put out the vid and who is in it with her? Was this a self-made vid or was there a camera person filming it? She denied this all at first. And now is only hinting that it may be her. Is it possible she didn't eve know that she had been taped? Is it possible that it was done without her consent? Maybe at first she thought it was just a look a like and not really her and now realizes it is her and just trying to come to grips with the exposure and loss of her crown and the embarrassment. That would explain alot because sometimes young girls have trouble dealing with betrayal and don't want to believe someone they cared about did them that way.


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how in the hell did she even win the miss teen delaware..? If she was the best looking teen contestant for that pagaent...delaware is full of fugos..cause she isn't even a 6 in my book.So in closing she will fit in fine doing smut with the rest of the other fugly skanks in that industry who have to pile on spray tan,piles on the make up and get breast jobs just to be passable.


Let this be a lesson to those fools who say only ugly girls do porn, or who think all beauty queens are as innocent as they appear.


Alright so I watched it and honestly it's very awkward like she looks like she's 16, gross...she's seems really uncomfortable like she looks like she's thinking "WTF am I doing here??" through out the whole thing.....and the girl has no skills it's weird lol. She just seems like a dumb kid who made a stupid mistake nothing hot about that so do her a favor and don't watch that shit you aint missing anything.


she is friends with the producer?
.............she will be so sorry.

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