Man Tattoos Pitbull, Defends Actions as Dog Lover

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Ernesto Rodriguez has chosen an unusual way to show affection for his pitbull, Duchess.

The disabled Iraq war veteran posted a photo to Facebook this week of a tattoo on the canine's belly. It is a crest meant to signify its bloodline and it has drawn the ire of many animal lovers around the country.

Pittbull Tattoo

"I love my dogs," Rodriguez told WXII12-TV in Winston-Salem, explaining that Duchess was asleep and sedated when inked.

"There's people out there saying that I'm cruel, that I hurt my dogs, that I don't love my dogs ... that I should be in jail. I paid a lot of money for my dogs and I take care of them."

Having been made aware of the incident, the Stokes County Health Department and Animal Control department visited the owner and did not file any charges.

"What a waste of tax payers money," Rodriguez wrote on Facebook in response to that visit. "So I'm still gonna tattoo my dogs whenever I del like it… good try, haters, thanks for all the advertisement."

And it could be worse, really. Rodriguez could have gotten himself a face tattoo after just one date.

What do you think? Is it wrong to tattoo one's pet?


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OMG! his dog is an American Bully...not an American Pit bull...get it right media


people judge the man as "Tough" now.


There is something wrong with 32.8% of Americans who think it is OK for you to tattoo a pet. We are becoming a nation of hillbilly morons! Freaky!

@ randytom

My dog was tattooed as a puppy this can be common practice from certain types of breeders and is done specifically for identification purposes ect in an inconspicuous area and the whole tattoo is maybe the size and width of my thumb. In that type of situation (mine) I'm fine with that and I could understand someone making a similar choice to do that. However to tattoo a dog for asthetic reasons I'm not ok with. As a person you may experience discomfort for days after as a result of the healing process I can't fathom what that is like for the dog. The fact that a tattoo artist willingly went along with this is questionable.

@ Jen

Microchipping is an acceptable way to identify a puppy. Giving them a tattoo is not. Shithead.

@ Maxx

Educate yourself before calling someone a shithead. I'm not agreeing with what this guy did I think it was wrong. What I'm talking about is a registered tattoo with the NDR (National Dog Registry). Also if you actually read what I wrote I stated that this is common practice for certain breeders (especially dogs sired from show dogs as well as other purebred dogs) never once did I say I chose to have my dog tattooed. This like the microchip is also registered however there is no possibility of nerve damage, the chip migrating, build up of scar tissue, or cancer all which are potential side effects of microchipping. So in regards to my dogs health I can say I'm ok with the breeders decision.

Jessica audre miller

There is no "t" in "Duchess." Fucking moron.