Lindsey Vonn: Not Freaked Out By Tiger Woods' Past, Went Public Because of Paparazzi

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Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn went public with their romance to foil the paparazzi, according to the golfer, while she is not freaked out by his sordid past.

Ever since their simultaneous Facebook posts and photos confirmed what we suspected - Lindsey Vonn dating Tiger Woods - many have wondered:

Tiger Woods, Lindsey Vonn

Why would the Olympic skiing gold medalist go for a man whose epic, marriage-ending sex scandal made him the poster child for whom not to date?

Apparently, the answer is not all that complicated.

"Tiger makes Lindsey happy," says one of her friends. "She isn't concerned what others think. She trusts her instincts. She's comfortable with the relationship."

"They have sat down and talked it out more than once. He has explained his side and owned up to what he did wrong. He has been very honest with her."

"She's not freaked out by his past."

A source close to Woods, 37, says the golfer has been open with Vonn, 28 about his past, which she once joked about during the scandal's peak.

Rumors of a relationship heated up early last month, when Woods sent his private jet to fly Vonn home to Vail, Colo., after a crash on the slopes.

The crash at the Alpine World Championships in Austria left her with torn knee ligaments and a fractured shin - but more time with her man at least.

Woods, who was at Vonn's side during her surgery after flying her home, "has been really supportive as she recovers from her injuries," says a pal.

As for the public proclamation of their love, which would've been unthinkable a few years ago for Tiger, he said in an interview that it was for the best.

"I've had situations where it's been very scary, dangerous for my kids and the things, the extent they'll go to," Woods said of undercutting the paparazzi.

Also, part of him delights in sticking it to the paps.

"We basically devalued the first photos and, unfortunately, that's just the way it is in our society right now and we felt this was best thing to do."

Most importantly, though, he's just more comfortable with who he is these days. "It's simple," he says of the decision to go public. "We're very happy."

What do you think? Will it last? Is Tiger a changed man?

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It appears that Tiger is now trying to supress free speech and free press by not wanting paparazis taking his photos and tabloids and magazines printing news about him and his current lover!!! Well, this is USA and not Tigerland!!! So my recommendation is to move out to a country where there is no fredom of speech or press because in the USA it'aint going to happen!!!


ShE went public because she craves the attention,she thinks she's "special" .She also wants to push her stupid interracial relationship down everyone's most of these hollywood coalburners.

@ Jason_F

Oh, you know her? How interesting. Or are you just hating on women in general? I'd just like to say that trusting your instinct is perhaps not a safe thing to do with someone like Tiger. His cheating was obsessive, something is really amiss there. And men like that are usually good con men. They can be very sweet and nice and understanding - until you look the other way.


..............she is comfortable about her relationship.
no doubt, she should be.

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