Need a Kwikie? Maine Lottery Ticket Name Sparks Controversy

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Convenience-store owners in Maine are reportedly concerned that the state lottery wants to re-name and re-brand its scratch-off lottery tickets as "Kwikies."

“That’s going to be real uncomfortable for my girls behind the register to have guys come in and say, ‘Hey, give me a Kwikie,’” one store owner said.


“It’s highly inappropriate,” Kaylee Constable, one of his employees, added. “[Customers] come in and joke around with me and say, ‘Can I get a Kwikie?"

"I’m only 19, and I have 40- and 50-year-old men saying sexual remarks to me.”

The Bangor Daily News provided some helpful context:

"In slang terms, a quickie is a short sexual encounter."

But state lottery officials say the origin of the new name has nothing to do with sex, but rather, "the benefit of buying this ticket is that it’s quick, easy and fun."

"That’s what an instant ticket is.”

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