Kim Kardashian: So in Love!!!

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Kim Kardashian is totally in love.

With Kanye West? Probably, sure. But with Khloe Kardashian's new puppy? Most definitely.

"I'm so in love," Kardashian wrote on Instagram yesterday, including with that caption a photo of herself and the adorable canine:

Kim Kardashian: Doggy Style

Seriously, this new family member is so darn cute that we aren't even going to make a "Kim Kardashian does it doggy style" joke here.

It would be easy to do so, but we'll refrain.


I've recently watched Kim Kardashian Sex Tape!
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Kim Kardashian: So in Love!!!
Hh yeah baby! It made my day!
Good luck!


@scottcleveland I don't feel bad for her, Kim herself is a cheating, lying manipulating fraud( yes using a tear stick and shooting, and faking scenes AFTER you've filed for divorce to portray your ex-Husband that you supposedly loved is fraud)_ we're all born with good hearts but Kim goes out of her way to make ppls lives miserable while trying to make her life perfect and she does it smiling... So I'm sorry that most people are not delusional like her teenage fans and can actually see her true colours


I am so amazed how so many people say those bad things about her. Even after all this time, she gets attacked from every angle. She takes everything and is still be able to smile and go on with her life. Guess people will be people no matter what and that's sad. Here is a woman and all she wants is a family and happiness. Yes, it's about the money most of the time. However, even the well-to-do finally get something good happen to them they get talked bad about and never ever give them a break. Everybody should leave her alone and let her go on with her life.


Wow for someone who hates the kardashian's such as you people, you put an awful lot of energy into letting someone know it. I hope you all don't actually believe that the kardashian clan is going to read this hateful crap. Because you'd be wrong....BECAUSE THEY'RE LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK LOL! LOL! Suck it losers!


Big deal. Their just a bunch of fucking dogs to began with. Just don't let that fat fucking cunt Kim sit on the poor dog. In fact what a waste of space this family is. Is everything they do really news worthy. How come when one of them takes a shit it 's not breaking news. Useless people.


OMG, stop the presses! A professional nobody loves their dog. Lol.


Don't forget the kitten she killed for publicity.

@ Job

With that huge ass of her


Just a couple of bitches


let's wait untill we meet..............

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