Lamar and Khloe Puppy: SO Cute!

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Okay, Kardashians. You win this round. You've found something we cannot mock.

Lamar Odom has gifted his wife with a puppy Boxer about whom Khloe Kardashian gushed over Twitter today.

And for good reason. Look at the little guy!!!!!

Lamar and Khloe Puppy
Cute puppy

It's unclear how old the dog is... or where Lamar got him from... or what his name may be. But who cares?!? Check out that face!

And consider: puppies are often the first step toward children. We're just sayin. Those Khloe Kardashian pregnant rumors will be starting again in 3... 2.. 1...




.....but the dog could kill a baby.
still SO CUTE?


DOGS KILL PEOPLE, DUMMIES !!!! DON'T WAIT UNTIL IT'S YOUR CHILDREN ..//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// KILL DOGS, NOW !!!!


i work for the SPCA, some one should kill u. clearly u dnt know what ur talking about. dogs are prey driven, yes but they are animals however if somone gets a dog YOU TRAIN IT and i have NEVER heard of a dog killing a person its bassicly impossible for a dog to inflict fatal injuries based on the fact that dogs cant reach vital organs, nor can they penetrate deep enough wounds that would result in death of a person. dogs bite legs, ankles, hands and faces you know y? because those are all instinctual prey points for a dog plus a dog will go for a face if its too close as puttn ya face in a dogs face is concidered a threat to a dog, if you reach out ur hand to a dog either too quickly or to pat it without letting it know your in its space.letting it sniff ur hand to determine whether the dog is agressive or not is the right thing to do. but clearly u hate dogs which criminal psychiatrists say mean that u most likely beat up women and have the prepensity to be a murder. hopefully u read the facts I have stated cz u need to know what ur talking about coz u clearly have no idea what ur talking about. if u ever kill a dog and im lucky enough to be the officer from the SPCA that deals with you i will have u put in jail and i might just screen shot ur comment and put it on facebook so my 1000s of freinds can all laugh at how dumb u r.

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