Kim Kardashian Diet Tips: All About Balance!

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Kim Kardashian has always tried to stay healthy, but now that she's eating for both herself and expecting a girl (supposedly), it's doubly important, says she.

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With the Kim Kardashian baby bump showing more each day, the importance of taking care of herself and her baby grows, she writes on her blog.

"Keeping a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me," she says.

"And now [maintaining a well-balanced eating and fitness plan] is even more important since I'm looking out for someone else's well being other than just my own."

KK says she's been researching a lot of foods beforehand to make sure she gets the proper amount of nutrition "now that I'm eating for two" and she adds:

"My friend Harley Pasternak sent me this book [The Body Diet Reset] ... [It] will give you the tools you need to restart the way you are eating and boost your metabolism."

"I just love his recipes and I know you guys will too!"

P.S. Like everything else, I was paid to say that.


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Kim Kardashian Diet Tips: All About Balance!
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Seriously, enough! While I am no Kim Kardashian fan, I'm sick of seeing stories about her weight gain while pregnant. Let her enjoy being pregnant, FFS! She's a short woman, who had big breasts prior to getting pregnant, of course she's going to look like she's put on weight, compared to a tall, pregnant woman!


Its not her bump that's growing bits her hips! She looks like a pin head.




Diet tips from a pregnant whore? Pfft!

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