John Edwards Has Heart Attack, Rielle Hunter Saves the Day, Tabloid Claims

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Disgraced politician John Edwards suffered a heart attack scare in February and has been warned by his doctors to stop drinking, a tabloid report claims.

Edwards "was at home when he started to feel pain and tightness in his chest,” a family source told the National Enquirer, the thorn in his side for years.

John Edwards Indicted

The magazine claims that (who else) the 59-year-old former Senator’s girlfriend and baby mama, Rielle Hunter, came to the rescue in his time of need.

“He was certain that he was having a heart attack, so he called Rielle,” the source said. “She rushed over from her place and drove him to the emergency room.”

Edwards was warned that he needs to stop drinking, allegedly, and that his health may be in sharp decline in large part because of his alcohol intake.

After reportedly being released from N.C. Memorial Hospital, Edwards returned to the Chapel Hill, N.C., estate he once shared with his late wife Elizabeth.

He now lives there with his two youngest kids, Emma Claire, 14, and Jack, 12. He and Rielle are not living together, but may still be together ... who knows.

We'd say that none of this is true (and we might be right), but we said that about their affair initially when the Enquirer reported it, and look what happened.


Of course they're still together. It's too bad re affair, but they obvioulsy love each other.

@ Ann

It's obvious Rielle wants his money and fame; John wants a sometimes sex partner! LOL


Rielle Hunter's book, What Really Happened, is a work of fiction. Her only source for all the bashing Hunter does of Elizabeth Edwards and her marriage to John Edward's is cheating, pathological liar, John Edwards'. How can she believe anything HE tells her? He lied to her, Elizabeth and the American public all the time. How could she trust anything he said in connection with Elizabeth Edwards? That's what gets me is Rielle Hunter dragged Elizabeth Edwards' dead corpse out in public and set it on fire - in front of her children. Quinn is going to truly hate her parents someday Imagine being brought into the world under such horrible circumstances. Her parents are both pigs.


I don't remember Elizabeth Edwards bragging that she was a "sweet thing." John Edwards is the one who gushed to the media, reporters and to moderators at political debates how perfect his marriage was and how much he adored his "moral leader" Elizabeth Edwards. John Edwards is the one who created the myth that Elizabeth was perfect. She didn't say this about herself. All the while John Edwards was putting on a show of a perfect marriage for votes for himself - he was sleeping around in hotel rooms all over the country with crazy bimbos (Rielle Hunter.) According to Hunter's book - John Edwards was a pig - sleeping around with other women throughout his entire marriage. However, the lying dirtball insisted to Elizabeth and the world that she was the only woman he ever loved, she was the greatest, blah blah blah. Yes, I hope John Edwards is stuck with that loser, Rielle Hunter, for the rest of his life too. He deserves a life sentence with the crazy thing.


I guess Johnny is still hiding the skanky mistress and illegitimate kid. And Rielle Hunter is still living off of Quinn's child support. Hunter is so polar opposite of Elizabeth Edwards. Elizabeth was a highly educated, attorney, best selling author, writer, political wife, public speaker, wife and mother of 4 children. Rielle Hunter's only accomplishment is being successful at getting herself knocked up and having a married man's illegitimate kid - while he was married and his wife was dying of cancer. Ever since, she has mooched off her kid's child support instead of working - like Elizabeth Edwards always did. Poor Quinn. Mommy's a skank. Her siblings all had a great, classy, beautiful mother. Of course, Quinn's Daddy denied her until he was forced to accept her. Rielle and Johnny - a match made in heaven!


The man was not happy. Happily married people don't cheat, John found something in Rielle that was missing in his life, she was exciting and fun. Elizabeth was not the little sweet thing that she wanted people to think she was. I for one hope they are still together and will some day be married.

@ Buni

@Buni- The only thing Hunter was to John was an easy piece on the side. He never was going to marry Rielle because the other children will not have it after she bashed EE. Furthermore EE NEVER claimed to be a sweet little thing as Rielle tried to do. Rielle went after John no the other way around. Rielle didn't care about the children John,etc. so Rielle is getting everything coming to her because of her bad behavior. EE kids would make John and Rielles life difficult if they ever got married; she said at one time it was very hard just to have a relationship with JE. Marriage would be hell for her with JE along with EE kids hating her after all she has done to slam their mother. Buni you don't know how difficult it is until you have been thru what these children and EE have been thru. It can be hell on earth!!

@ cbinatl

@ Buni- So much for John marrying Rielle- a few weeks ago he was spotted with a much younger single mom- I hope THEY will marry or stay together. If Rielle had acted better, not connived to plot a trap on John,and left EE out of the mess, she might have had a chance w John.


What also doesn't make sense is why John called Rielle instead of 911? Or even another family member? It remains to be seen what Cate and the other children of Elizabeth think about all this. I certainly would be questioning my dad if he was doing and acting the way John has been acting!


What a woman will do to get any kind of attention . She doesn't fool me or anyone else. All she is trying to do is try and somehow tarnish her bad image and to try and shine as much as possible to Johns other children and to America.


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agree, politics can be leathal.

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