Emilia Clarke and Seth MacFarlane: It's Over!

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It's all over for Emilia Clarke and Seth MacFarlane.

The unexpected couple has called it quits, a source confirms to E! News, due to conflicting schedules.

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"They are no longer dating," an insider says. "It was really a location challenge. She has been in Europe shooting [Game of Thrones Season 3] and he is based in California, so it was hard to make it work despite the distance. They have remained friends."

MacFarlane and Clarke first cozied up at an HBO Emmy after-party last September.

He mostly recently hosted the Academy Awards - and bombed, in the opinion of many - while Clarke will soon appear on Broadway in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

It's unlikely the Family Guy creator will ever do any better.


"Unlikely the Family Guy creator will ever do any better"?? Doubtful. Its Hollywood and he's powerful and worth $100+Million. If one gorgeous 25 year old dated him at 14 years years her senior, there will be plenty more.

@ forthelesser

I'm sure he could have 3 at a time, all or superior equal to her, with a snap of his fingers.
Maybe the author is a bit jealous??? Loser!

@ Intensitalian

WTF, dude? You assume that forthelesser is jealous and call him a loser BASED on your assumption? That's not loser behavior at all!


a "B"-actres and a "D"-actor just don't fit.


That's because he's shagging the old Charlize. She is the most egotist bitch in Hollywood. She thinks every word out of her c sucker is gospel

@ lynn

Uhh what?
Might you be envious of Charlize Theron? Not sure what other Charlize there is but wow are you petty and hateful! I love that Ms. Theron, who is the most stunning modern actress hands down, has a mind, social conscience and intelligence that is only equalled by her flawless body, fit for a goddess.

@ Intensitalian

HA! Again with the accusations of jealousy! You're f'n LAUGHABLE!!!

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