Bobby Brown in Jail: Singer Turns Himself in For 55-Day Sentence

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Bobby Brown is officially locked up.

The singer turned himself in moments ago in Los Angeles to begin his 55-day jail sentence following his most recent DUI conviction (his third career).

Bobby Brown Funeral Pic

Brown also got four years probation stemming from the October 2012 arrest, and he will have to complete an 18-month alcohol program as a result.

Because of jail overcrowding, as well as time off for good behavior and credit for "good time work time," Brown is likely to serve no more than nine days.

Hopefully this DUI is his last.


Need to build more prisons to stop so much recidivism. If we don't have the $$$ to do so, use the prisoners to help build them.

@ Frogmore

Cause not having enough prisons puts the rest of us at risk when criminals are let out early or don't go to jail at all like Lindsay Lohan.


this isn't the most funny way to loose weight.
but you can't accuse him this isn't effective.


Bobby and Lindsey should get together and do a reality show--prison for celebrities.