Ashley Greene Fire: Huge Blaze Engulfs Twilight Star's Condo, Kills Dog

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A fire ripped through the West Hollywood condo owned by Twilight star Ashley Greene this morning, causing major damage and killing one of her dogs.

At least 10 fire trucks swarmed to the seven-story building earlier today to extinguish the blaze. Three people were treated for minor injuries.

Ashley Greene at Butter Screening

Residents in the building who live near Ashley Greene say that her brother and assistant had been going in and out of the condo all morning.

One resident says she heard glass exploding in Ashley's condo.

Of the 26-year-old's two fox terriers, one died at the scene under the bed. The second dog lived and was taken by Animal Control to be checked out.

Several other residents tried to fight the blaze with fire extinguishers and were covered in soot. It's still not clear what exactly started the blaze.

According to TMZ, Ashley, her boyfriend and her brother were out late last night and were sleeping when the fire broke out on the living room sofa.

They ran out of the apartment, and then realized the dogs were still there. Bravely, the two men tried to get back in to rescue them but couldn't.

The "inconsolable" Ashley wanted to keep the dog that died, so firefighters wrapped it in a sheet and gave it either to Ashley or one of the two guys.

We're sorry for Ash's loss and for the fact that she had to go through that. It's easy to get a new place, but pets and memories are forever. Chin up, girl.

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this was an expensive cremation, folks.


There's a special place for animals that pass on. Keep your chin up. Girl you are an awesome actor one of my favorite. Take Care.


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