AshLee Frazier Calls Out Sean Lowe on The Bachelor: Did He Really Say That?!

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One week after her stunning and controversial departure, AshLee Frazier called out Sean Lowe Monday on The Bachelor: Women Tell All special.

She thought she had this thing locked up, and not just because she was admittedly in love with Sean. It was a comment he made about her competition.

Allegedly, Sean said he had no feelings for Catherine Giudici and Lindsay Yenter - a quote he denied in the most surprising, awkward exchange of the night:

We didn't expect a warm and fuzzy reunion after he took Catherine and Lindsay to the finale over her, but we weren't prepared for that bombshell, either.

Whomever he gives the final rose to next week (see The Bachelor spoilers if you dare) will come as a shock to AshLee, who accused Sean of lying.

Before that terse back-and-forth, she just wanted answers.

Clearly still stinging from her rejection on the previous week's episode, the gorgeous 32-year-old Texan asked Sean the obvious, lingering question: WHY!?

His response? She's a great girl but basically no fun.

AshLee Frazier certainly comes off more serious than Lindsay or Catherine, but she didn't take kindly to the assertion that she isn't best friend material.

Or the fact that he led her on, which he argues he did not.

Whatever Sean said, or did not say, this will go down as one of the most bitter breakups in franchise history, and ends any shot of her being The Bachelorette.

That honor will likely fall to Desiree Hartsock or the runner-up on next week's finale, which promises to be both polarizing and emotional to say the least.

Speaking of, who do you think it'll be? Did Sean already blow it?

Vote in our three polls below and hit the comments, too:

Did Sean make the right decision letting AshLee go?

Her behavior since leaving the show: Right or wrong?

Who do you want to win The Bachelor now?


This has got to be the dumbest show on tv!


Ashlee was being a sore looser, you didn't get picked. Get over it there is someone out there for you. It makes you look ugly and bitter when you repeat what someone said to you whether he said it or not, which I don't think he did, no need to bring it up, it's the same situation when a man is dating more than one woman he lies to them both and tell them what they wanted to hear.


Hopefully AshLee will come to realize not only that she wasn’t right for Sean, but that Sean wouldn’t have been right for her either, at least at her current level of personal development . It would have been a “Bill and Hillary” type of marriage. While I don’t think Ashlee is malicious and/or narcissistic, she is nevertheless too intense and impulsive in a "control freak" kind of way, which, as Sean tried to tactfully point out, does not make her a “fun” person to be with, despite the other good qualities she does have. While AshLee is very sharp in terms of “IQ”, she nevertheless lacks “emotional IQ”, which is typical of most people in today’s society. No doubt being abandoned in early childhood leaves wounds and serves as an ‘explanation’ why she tends to be so overly-controlling in life and relationships, but she could use some therapy (or better therapy) on how to address that properly, rather than using it as a crutch and as ‘justification’ for behaving this way. Given that Ashlee is both so pretty and is very sharp mentally actually doesn’t help in coming to see and address this about herself, as she likely is used to having things her way in personal/work relationships, not to mention constantly trying to arrange everything in the way she exactly wants. I highly doubt she ever loses an argument even if she doesn’t have a good case to make—the other person just gives up and doesn’t bother. I fear that unless Ashlee recognizes and addresses this “control freak” in herself in therapy, she will never be content with any man. The paradox is that though Ashlee is attracted to a handsome, "leading man" type like Sean, it would be very difficult for her to give such a guy the “lead”, letting him “lead”. In her current state, she might only work in marriage with a subservient type of guy who is 'whipped' due to her beauty and is willing to let her call all the shots all the time. And yet, since she wouldn’t really ‘respect’ such a man who just complies with her controlling ways, the attraction she’d have for such a guy wouldn’t last. Hence her type of furious reaction to Sean's eventual rejection is not surprising. While Sean appears to me to be one conscientiously trying to be a gentleman (as much as this is possible for us men), he also no doubt does have a bit of a free-spirit, alpha male, swashbuckling adventurer aspect to his personality and he would not be able to handle being hemmed in, whipped, controlled, and hen-pecked in every area of his life which AshLee would have done were they married. I think Sean came to realize this about their lack of needed chemistry/fit, but I don’t think Ashlee has yet come to realize this, as evidenced by her behavior on the recent “Women Tell All” episode, in which playing the ‘woman scorned’, Ashlee went from foolishly declaring Sean to be her “soul mate” prior to his decision to let her go and then inaccurately and unfairly labeling Sean a simply a “frat boy” at this Tell All episode after the fact. Regardless of whether or not Sean really did say to AshLee that he “had no feelings for the other two remaining ladies”, for Ashlee to repeatedly assert on TV to Sean and all the viewing public that he had said this and that he was lying if he denied it, simply came across as her trying to save face and recover from embarrassment from acting like a fool by means of trying to place the blame for it on Sean, implying he had mislead her by such a supposed comment into thinking she was definitely “the One”, and that he had played her for the fool. Yet the truth is that she herself is to blame for having behaved like a fool by making such crazily-hasty “Sean is my Soul Mate” comments. Heck, unless you’ve been happily married for 25 years, no one should be making such a comment like that, especially not when it’s on a “reality tv” show in an artificial atmosphere which is not real life. Such behavior was just another example of her intensely “controlling” impulse to make everything in the whole cosmos frame up exactly in her desired way, and of the fury she has when she can’t force things to go her way, like Sean’s heart. Lastly, while Sean isn’t perfect in his character either, I do think he is earnest. I do hope he chooses Catherine. If so, it will prove that Sean isn’t a rat, but is an earnest, albeit naïve, guy (i.e., thinking love is just a romantic “feeling in love” thing, not realizing love is also if not more-so sacrificial in committing to love even when the other may not always be lovely, and this aspect of love cannot be fully known in such an artificial, dreamy, all-expenses-paid atmosphere.) Catherine though needs to overcome this sense that she is not worthy of Sean. While guys initially love a girl who is “beautiful but doesn’t know it”, in time it can wear off. If over time she behaves too subservient and worshipful of him, then that is just as bad long-term as the other extreme of being too controlling which Ashlee represents.


I have been watching this show since 2008 and have enjoyed many great moments. I wish Sarah the best and hope she finds someone really great. My uncle was happily married to a lady we all liked who was born with only one arm and she had a great life with my uncle and worked for years in a hospital until she retired. Sincerly Toni Petrella

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