The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Recap: Leaving Her Mark

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The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had their "White Party Pooper" or was that just Adrienne Maloof leaving her mark on all the furniture?

We break down the bad tans and good nose jobs in THG's +/- recap!

Guilt or Botox?

I've got to call bs when I see it. Did anyone else notice that during Kyle and Kim's conversation with Taylor they switched phones?

First they're talking on a white phone, then an all silver one and then back to the white with no explanation. Yet it was all edited together to look like one long phone call. 

Minus 12. I know it's TV but that kind of editing leaves me wondering how real Taylor's drunken phone call really was.

I'd ask why Kyle had the five year olds in heels but maybe it's a Beverly Hills thing. Besides, Kennedy was certainly safer with Kyle than with her own mother. Taylor apparently forgets where she leaves the little girl once she's had a few.

Even Kim called Taylor on her drunken, love induced ramblings and she should know.

Speaking of Kim, she had a coming out party for her new nose.  What the hell. Plus 15. At least everyone can point at it all at once.

Why is Faye suddenly popping up every week? Minus 22. She's like the stray housewife. I just wish they'd stop feeding her so she'd wander off and not come back.

How many times does Adrienne have to point out that her husband would have done just a good a job on Kim's nose, if not better.  Minus 17.  Yes, we know Paul's a plastic surgeon but Kim chose to go elsewhere. Show some class and drop it.

I never disliked Adrienne as much as I have this season.

First, she and Paul were trash talking about Brandi Glanville while touting the importance of positive karma.  Minus 26. They might want to look up the meaning of the word.

Last week Adrienne denied the existence of a letter. This week she all but admitted there was one but that didn't mean she was suing anybody.  Minus 15. Adrienne said she only visited her attorney. For what, tea?

But the worst was Kyle Richards' hypocrisy.  Despite her crocodile tears she was all too quick to back up Paul and Adrienne last year and not allow Russell and Taylor into her home.  But it seems as long as the person being legally bullied is Brandi it's OK. Minus 30.

Plus 40 to Ken. He's not about to be pushed around by Paul's loud mouth and at least he and Lisa were willing to stand up for a friend.  You can't say that about many in this group.

Plus Ken was right. The only reason I even remember that Adrienne has a shoe line is that Lisa called it the Maloof Hoof.  

It was a joke, and a funny one at that but Maloofs don't seem to have much of a sense of humor…or very good self tanner.

Minus 18. You'd think with all of that money Adrienne wouldn't leave smudge marks on friend's furniture. 

It's hard to argue with that truth when it's got to be cleaned up off the sofa.



Holy cow! You NAILED IT!!!
Here's my take:
I love Ken, too, and adored him when he stood up to Paul. +1000 I've never disliked Paul before, but, he's turned into a complete jerk. -400 Adrienne is not only unlikable, she is morphing into that scary cat-faced woman meets Frankenstein. If that's the work of her talented husband, no wonder she is divorcing him!
She looks like an 90 year old woman, preserved in embalming fluid. It's hard to even look at her anymore, and what a liar!
-10,000,000 They need to put some new blood into the show, because, without a transfusion of real reality, it is dying.
-20,000,000 Every show this season seems to contrived, and almost scripted.
AND ridiculous. Kyle's "White party" at her upper middle class home. ... She's not Truman Capote, she's just some former teen star who's now the aunt of Paris and Nicky. I used to like her, but, she's gotten way too pretentious. -2000. Kim's new nose -200000 Brandi, just because +5,000 Faye Resnick -10,000 Taylor Armstrong +1 (for standing up for Brandi, but, really because she's mad at the hypocrisy of her being lectured for suing last season.) Taylor still is boring this season, so, that's -200 Camille -2,000,000
When she was sneaky and hated, I liked her the best, but, now, she is sneaky, fake, and passive agreesive and not even likeable for dramatic content. Total snooze. Kim -20000000000 Total train wreck. She's as sober as Lindsay Lohan. Her nose party was ridiculous. She needs to go. She adds nothing.


Great blog--I agree with your every word. Also, while I am not Taylor's biggest fan, the editing job on that phone call made her look horrible. Yes, she was inebriated but as she asserts in her blog, she had left instructions with her daughter's nanny that Kennedy was to be dropped off at her grandparents' house. The nanny decided to let the girl stay with Kyle and never bothered letting Taylor know. That is why Taylor was confused and Kyle knew this but did not bother explaining as much on camera in order to make her friend look bad and to make her look like the perfect mother.

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