Quvenzhane Wallis C-Word Tweet: A Step Way Too Far?

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Has The Onion finally gone too far?

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    No one respects any one any more.Weather it is a young kid or an old fart like me.


    Thanks to failed parenting, rubbish on tv, and video game violence, humankind is becoming less and less kind, but when so-called adults target a child, that's a new low.


    I don't understand the context of this. Why would they even think she was a cunt to begin with?

    @ Gina

    It's an adult trying to be "funny" It's a bit hard to explain, but if you've ever heard an adult say (jokingly, about a child) "Well, you may have noticed, but so-and-so is a bit of a dick? Am I right? XD Har Har Har" While I don't justify or agree what the man (or whomever) said of this little girl, it's being a bit overdone by the media. It was, hopefully, just meant as a joke. It's been deleted, let's move on.


    I for one am sick of blacks trying to take away our rights that are protected by our Constituition. I now dislike her.

    @ joenamherst

    Why is race always a factor, can't you people give it a rest.

    @ joenamherst

    Idiot!!! Did you even read the story? Or are your comprehension skills sorely lacking. She did nothing wrong. It was The Onion that did wrong by targeting a child with a cuss word. Lame brain!!!

    @ Frogmore

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    @ joenamherst

    joenamherst has to be a total idiot. It has nothing to do with race. Why were u so dumb? but then, i guess it's a constitutional right.

    @ joenamherst

    Sorry, that comment should have been addressed to joe.


    she has time enough to prove herself.
    why at this age?
    she is too young to decide of her own.
    ............WE MUST BLAME HER PARENTS?

    @ abe

    When is it ok to call a nine year old a cunt, regardless of race?? Yes, freedom of speech is part of our Constitutional rights, but I wonder if you would rephrase your posting if it were your nine year old being called such a disgusting word....

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