Chris Rock has mostly received positive reviews for his performance as host of the 2016 Academy Awards.

Those in the black community especially feel as if Rock struck the right kind of tone in dealing with the issue of race after no African-American actors or actresses were nominated this year.

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If you watched the 2016 Academy Awards on Sunday night then you probably remember the moment that host Chris Rock caught his star-studded off-guard with an unexpected request.

No, we're not talking about when he asked them to laugh at Stacey Dash's painfully awkward cameo. We're talking about the humorously heartwarming segment during which Rock helped his daughter win her troop's top honor by selling the most Girl Scout cookies.

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If you watched the 2016 Academy Awards last then you the night's most memorable moment was not Spotlight's mild upset win for Best Picture, or even Leonardo DiCaprio finally taking home the gold for his work in The Revenant.

No, the moment that really that got the attention of the (surprisingly small) TV audience watching at home was a random, unexplained, and completely baffling cameo from actress-turned-conservative-commentator Stacey Dash:

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