Naked Guy Locked Out of Hotel Room After Trying to Ditch Room Service Tray

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A hilarious viral video making the online rounds shows a hotel guest sneaking out to the hallway to dispose of a dirty room service tray, only to find himself locked out.

Buck ass naked.

The nude dude then awkwardly tries to avoid other guests and hides his junk with dirty dishes as he heads down to the lobby to ask the staff for a new key.

This has to be a hoax, right? A few things don't add up here:

  1. Why not put on a pair of boxers or a towel?
  2. Why not just slide the tray outside?
  3. Why not just prop the door open?
  4. Why would the hotel leak this?

Shameful and avoidable nudity is still funny in any case, and it's fairly convincing, but we're not buying it this time. What about you, THGers?


This is extremely similar to Police Academy 3 (or 4 can't remember) where Proctor gets locked out of the hotel room by the prostitute.



Nicole cohen cunha mark cunha

Did you know that Dave Matthews was once locked out of his room while he was naked? He told the story himself. It's absolutely hilarious! But in his defense alcohol played a role. Lmao


Hahaha!!! That happened to me once(minus the naked part). I was putting out the tray and wanted it far enough away so it wasn't blocking the door and then BAM, the door closed right behind me. I was fully dressed and went down to the front desk, but they REALLY gave me a hard time about giving me a key since I didn't have ID on me. Why would I have ID on me, It's not like I was planning for that to happen. You live and you learn. It'll NEVER happen to me again!
I don't know why someone would just "slide the tray" rather than carry it, but I can't imagine that the hotel would release a naked video of a guy unless they want to get sued!

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