LeAnn Rimes NOT Pregnant With First Child, Rep Insists

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LeAnn Rimes is NOT pregnant, the singer's rep insists, despite the rampant rumors on the Internets this afternoon that Mrs. Eddie Cibrian is expecting.

She has put on some weight lately, changed her hair, and visited the OBGYN with Cibrian, leading some celebrity gossip sites to inevitably jump the gun.

LeAnn Rimes at Grammys 2013

Then there was a Star source who divulged:

"LeAnn is staying coy, but her friends say she's beyond excited to be having a baby. That's why she didn't have a single margarita in Cabo over Christmas and New Year's."

"Normally she can't get enough!"

That last part we believe, and there's no denying that she stopped dying her hair ... or would probably love to stick it to Brandi Glanville by getting pregnant.

Still, her rep says it just ain't the case.

For now, the 30-year-old is focusing on her job as stepmom to Cibrian and Glanville's sons Mason, 9, and Jake, 5. That's a pretty good gig in and of itself.

We wouldn't expect the Grammy winner to wait too much longer to get pregnant, either, given the family environment within which she now resides.

But for now, it doesn't look like she is.

High-five, Brandi?


She's a hot mess!!!! what is she going to do with a baby???? cannot even handle the everyday affairs of life


ofcourse not: she will even fuck a priest for attention.


Can't believe people slam LeAnn left and right !
You are not in their shoes, and who are you to judge and be so judgmental, can't believe !!!!
Life's too short, stop meddling people's business !

@ Nickigoddess

If the shoe fits......... Besides, who are you to judge anyone for what they say? You are just as bad, just sayin'......................


That white trash should not reproduce...She isn't any better than Mindy McCready

@ Sue

I wouldn't say she as bad as Mindy, but she doesn't need to reproduce, yikes!!!

@ Sue

My bet is that your a racist. But you call it standing up for your black rights. Probably think Rihanna and Chris Brown are heroes if not some kind of royalty when really just enhanced ghettorats. Probably an Islam convert as well. Who the fugg are you to call anyone "whitetrash"?


The thought of those two procreating is frightening.


God, I only hope that ugly bitch Rimes is barren and never has children. I am team Glanville all the way.


Heard the whoredog LeAnn stole got neutered
and besides bitch can't and won't give up her booze or nose straw


It's Leann who is putting out these rumors that she is pregnant, including the one that Star just released. Brandi is getting a lot of attention for her book and Leann couldn't stand it. Didn't Brandi's book say that Eddie had HPV? So maybe he picked up another STD while cheating on Leann and passed it to Leann and that was the real reason they were at the doctors. Leann is a famewhore, you know that she would have had every pap in the world waiting outside that doctor's office.

@ captain obvious

Exactly,@captain obvious! Clearly, she thinks readers are as stoopid as she is. So jealous of Brandi's book skyrocketing to the top! She's be better off writing a song about her troubles. Oh wait...

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