Special K Recall: Glass Fragments Found in Cereal

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This is not the sort of prize anyone is hoping to find in his or her cereal box.

Kellogg's announced on its website late last week that it had recalled numerous boxes of Special K Red Berries because they were contaminated with glass fragments.

Berry cereal

The company encourages consumers to check "any packages you may have in your home" and if they match the information below, "do not eat the food."

You may contact Kellogg's in order to be issued a replacement coupon.

There have been no reports yet of any injuries associated with the product, but check your items at home now to see if there are any matches for:

11.2-ounce package
    - UPC Code 38000 59923
    - Better if Used Before: DEC 02 2013 KNC 105 00:13 through DEC 02 2013 KNC 105 02:30

22.4-ounce twin pack
    - UPC Code 38000 78356
    - Better if Used Before:
        - NOV 30 2013 KNA 105 07:00 to NOV 30 2013 KNA 105 08:51
        - NOV 30 2013 KNB 105 15:00 to NOV 30 KNB 105 17:05

37-ounce package
    - UPC Code 38000 20940