Brandi Glanville Book to Become Tell-All MOVIE?

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Brandi Glanville‘s jaw-dropping memoir Drinking and Tweeting: And Other Brandi Blunders has been such a success that it may soon get the movie treatment.

You laugh, but she's gotten a TON of attention for it - and sales to match that buzz. A source close to her says there's "great interest" in a film adaptation.

Brandi Glanville Book Cover

Brandi Glanville herself didn't use those words, but she did acknowledge the possibility - with a nod to the network that indirectly propelled her to fame.

“Omg just had a talk about turning my book in2 a movie! Maybe we should pitch it to Lifetime ;) An unromantic comedy! #pinchme,” she tweeted amusingly.

Lifetime, of course, was where Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes met on the set of Northern Lights. Their affair would end both of their respective marriages.

Since Eddie left Brandi for LeAnn, she's joined The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and become a gossip staple for feuding with them vocally and often.

And yes, she was serious in that Tweet. The source adds:

“A lot of people thought Brandi was sort of joking in her tweet about the movie, but she wasn’t! She’s already had meetings about making the book into a film."

Would you see it? Have you read the book? Who should play LeAnn and Eddie? Share your comment on this potential movie news in the comments!


Very good book, I'd definitely watch the movie. Brandi has been strong through some painful challenges, I appreciated her story.


pssst: she neede money this bad?


He children will be so proud that her drinking, tweeting, constant hate for their Dad (even though she admitted to cheating first) she never stops

@ lynn

You think she should have been at home waiting for Eddie with a hot dinner on the table after he had moved out and was living with LeAnn Rimes? Because that's when she "cheated". The only "reports" of her cheating "first" were in a false story sold to US weekly 5 days before Brandi's book release, apparently, a last desperate attempt to discredit her. And the idiot who made up those stories about her actually expected the public to believe that she was running around with numerous men six weeks after giving birth. Who do we know who is dumb enough to try to sell a story like that?


Awesome. Congrats again.


congratulations to the success of brandi's book ! sure glad that some film people are interested to make it into a movie. brandi has successfully stand up independently from a failed marriage. good luck to all her plans for the future of her children!

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