Tweenchronic "Skip Rope" Video: Like Rebecca Black, Only There's Two of Them

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Rap duo Tweenchronic has a new single out that's BURNING up the Internet.

Tweenchronic is the latest creation of writer/producer Patrice Wilson, mastermind of Rebecca Black's "Friday" and later Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving."

Listen to them teach foolz how to "Skip Rope" with a dubstep swagger now:

Will Tweenchronic's dance craze known as the "skip rope" catch on like wildfire?

Maybe, maybe not. But if Kate Upton does it a la the Cat Daddy, we're all for it.


this is a disgusting message to be sending kids. the "candy" man on the corner selling hidden candy, soda in paper bags that they are all drinkin in the alley. SICK, and not in a good way. HORRIBLE message


Not Hating, but I don't like the way these little girls are being presented shorts with hose that have tears in them!! A candy man on a corner distributing candy?? REALLY!!!! WOW!! So distasteful on so many levels!

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