Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory, Video Derided By Experts

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Conspiracy theories surrounding the Newtown, Conn., shooting reached a new level this week after a viral video exploded online. But is there anything to it?

According to experts, the much-hyped Sandy Hook conspiracy video, entitled The Sandy Hook Shooting - Fully Exposed, offers little but questions and what-ifs.

The video, posted on YouTube channel ThinkOutsideTheTV nine days ago, primarily uses news clips to expose "inconsistencies" in Sandy Hook coverage.

It has been viewed 8.6 million times and counting.

The video opens with a disclaimer, stating it is not claiming Newtown didn't happen, claiming "This is a simple, logical video" created with "just facts."

The only problem? Its "facts" are hard to come by.

"It begins with something everybody can accept, 'We're just raising questions,'" Benjamin Radford, author of "Media Mythmakers," told The Huffington Post.

"The [video] is framed like, 'Don't look at us, we're not saying this crazy stuff, we're just asking questions.' But all they offer are tantalizing 'could be's.'"

He notes that, as with many such theories, "The classic conspiracy theorist sees the hidden hand in everything," yet offers little in the way of actual evidence.

David Mikkelson, founder of myth-debunking site Snopes (dot) com, agrees.

"In any kind of disaster or tragedy like this, if you go through things with a fine-toothed comb, you will find a number of contradictory statements," he said.

"Of course, most of them are cleared up within a few days of the initial reporting, but that's not something you're going to see in these [conspiracy] videos."

Some questions posited by the Sandy Hook conspiracy video above:

  • How Adam Lanza's AR-15 rifle got locked in his trunk (later proven to be an extra gun).
  • If grieving Newtown citizens are "crisis actors" (Gene Rosen gave a lot of interviews).
  • Why memorial sites were seemingly set up beforehand (Google isn't always accurate).
  • Victims' parents didn't express the proper level of grief (unsubstantiated conjecture).

Yet simply excerpting certain portions of certain clips, many of which stemmed from the chaotic hours just after the shooting, doesn't tell you much.

In fact, saying there's merit to such claims is "beneath worthless and misleading," Robert Blaskiewicz, co-editor of the blog Skeptical Humanities, said.

Doing so means ignoring (or just rejecting, for no reason other than it doesn't help their cause) "vast quantities of evidence that doesn't support their conclusion."


In regards to Sandy Hook, I think it is important to elaborate how the government has been able to pull of conspiracies like this in the past, how they are doing it now, and how they may do it in the future. First and foremost, the government uses popular belief and mainstream media to guide our beliefs. Everyone believes what the media tells them, right? And why shouldn't they? We have no reason not to trust the media. News reporters are not double agents secretly working for the government, they are common people with families, just like you and I, who make an honest living reporting everyday news. However, they are under the same spell that the government has cast upon us all. The fact is popular culture pressures us to believe what we are told. Anyone who questions what the media tells them is labeled a "conspiracy theorist", or "truther", titles that imply you to be a paranoid, lunatic, nut job who thinks everyone's out to get you. even when the facts are so blatantly obvious, as we see in the case of Sandy Hook, we are ridiculed for questioning the government's official story. Of course no sensable reporter would be paranoid or crazy enough to ask the obvious questions regarding the Sandy Hook shooting. that would make them conspiracy theorists, and what respectable journalist wants to be labeled a conspiracy theorist? instead we get news reports that tell us about the group of "truthers" that seem to pop up after every major tragedy in the United States. In this case, the only news coverage the movement gets, is a debate over the morality of the subject, and we are shamed for calling grieving families liars. In the past 60 years the government has declassified several documents admitting to past false flag operations (I will post a link that shows them) so what makes us think we can trust the government now? well, the government would never have declassified these documents if they didn't have a plan to use them to thier advantage. By showing us these documents, and owning up to their mistakes, our leaders have convinced us that they are trust worthy, and the previously corrupt government has been fixed, laying groundwork for new lies and more false flag operations. sometime in the relatively near future (if we do not stop it) the government will declassify the Sandy Hook Project. But by then, Sandy Hook will be nothing more than a lesson in a child's history book. The government will own up to its mistake, and the people will be convinced that their "modern" government has learned from past mistakes, and is corruption free. This trust will again allow the government to commit more crimes, and the vicious cycle will continue. In order to stop this cycle, it is crucial that we demand answers now, while this tragedy is still fresh in our minds, and we can stop our government from turning into one we've seen in Stalin's Russia, or Hitler's Germany.


Can someone, anyone, please answer the actual questions proposed by the video? the only debunking that has happened regarding this video is "experts" saying it has been debunked, and then going on to talk about how crazy conspiracy theorists are and "explain" the "psychotic" mind of a conspiracy theorist


There is a lot of bullshit that don't add up in this!


Theres always players in a conspiracy, of course there are people to quickly debunk the statements made. Only problem is the debunkers arnt explaining anything either. Who were they chasing through the woods? Where did this "extra gun" come from, they still stick to the three gun theory. Google isnt accurate? Seriously facebook posts dates on everything, I have never seen it misdate my posts by three days! And lastly I have experienced a sibling death and can attest first hand that those people who where laughing and smiling hours after ther children were supposedly murdered is complete BS. You don't laugh you dont smile you loose your f@*king mind! I could understand denial but not laughing it sickened me. And that medical examiner he appeared as if he was mentaly challenged. Thats the best person we could find to investigate the most significant school shooting yet? Im no conspiracy nut but shit dont add up!

@ Truther

Actually, you are a conspiracy nut. Who are they chasing in the woods? A dad who ran to the school from his house when he heard the shooting. Extra gun? If you mean the shotgun in his trunk, then what is your question? Who the hell is smiling? And the medical examiner probably was perfectly OK examining the oldies of twenty six year olds shot between 3 and 11 times each. So sorry these people didn't act like you expect in a movie - this was real. And you are a loon.

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