Woman Loses 222 Pounds, Is Now a Triathlete

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At one point not too long ago, Aimee Smith weighed 427 pounds. She was headed down a very "bad path," as the Janesville, Wisconsin resident now admits.

That was just over two years ago.

major weight loss

But since a c-section went horribly wrong due to her body mass, Smith has undergone gastric bypass surgery and changed her lifestyle to the point where she's shed an incredible 222 pounds. She now runs half-marathons and competes in triathlons.

“Everything hinged on my weight," Smith said. "Depression, my knees, I couldn’t move and I figured I would be the 600-pound bedridden mom."

So Aimee signed up for the local YMCA and forced herself to take classes. She learned that she loved to swim. And, yes, she changed up her diet, of course. It's safe to assume she can cook an easy salmon recipe or two.

But, overall, it was just a question of setting a goal and then really focusing on achieving it. Says Smith:

"If you can walk one step today but that's all you can do, then try it twice. It's just working with what you've got today."

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