Man Petitions For Nationwide Ban on Cats

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The Internet loves it some cats. One New Zealand man, not so much.

Businessman Gareth Morgan is putting out a nationwide call to ban cats, his reasoning being that a cat-free country would bring birds back to cities and improve avian life.

Cat Photo!

On Twitter, Morgan created #catstogo to help the cause. New Zealand, believe it or not, has the most cat owners in the world; about 1.419 million kitties reside there.

As a result of these numbers, cats pose a threat to native birds and are believed to have already contributed to the extinction of nine species in the island nation.

Morgan encourages people to "make this cat your last." That may be extreme … but seriously people, but a bell on your furry friends and neuter/spay at least.

Cats: You a fan?


He is a sick hater trying to play G_d. I agree with Tracy Nash - there could be consequences that Mr. Bird Brain can't even imagine.

Tracy nash

Mr. Morgan, read some history about Europe during the Middle Ages...Getting rid of cats is what contibuted to the plague infesting Europe during that time...


So, he wants to bring back the getting rid of if you got rid of all the cats, what do you expect to happen to the mouse, rat, mole, etc. populations? Cats aren't the one and only predator for birds, and aren't the solution. Take out one element, and things get thrown off.


If that guy has a problem with cats he can just get the fuck out and go to china where he can have them for dinner..

@ kay

Don't mess with the balance GOD creative, HE knew what he was doing, YOU, do not!!!


no no no, just boil the cats!!

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