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Jenelle Evans and estranged husband Courtland Rogers continue to air their grievances / marital problems on social media, and it’s getting uglier by the minute.

The pregnant MTV star tweeted of a possible miscarriage and of plans to divorce Courtland yesterday, then filed assault charges against her husband of 51 days.

She’s also accused Rogers (left) of cheating on her – a charge that he’s now turning back around on the Teen Mom 2 mess, who she says is boning Gary Head.

Jenelle Won't Leave David

Head (right), Evans’ previous paramour, met up with her last night.


“OMG please somebody tell me she did not go see Gary the first day we are apart! Please be fake!! Did she really do that,” Rogers tweeted upon hearing about this.

“Everybody tell Jenelle thank you, she just committed adultery!”

Gary Head, who was also accused of assaulting Jenelle Evans during their relationship, denies it, saying, “Just because I’m with my ex does not mean I’m f–king her.”

“I’m being a friend. Not a man whore.”

For his part, Courtland Rogers, 27, says he “never cheated” on his spouse at ANY point and also adamantly maintains that he never hit Evans, 21.

“No I did not hit Jenelle I swear to God! She makes all that s–t up and then runs to Gary’s house? Really? Now I have, like, four charges of assault on a female? F–k that s–t.”

It’s been an eventful week.

The two got into an epic fight Sunday; Evans was hospitalized for a possible miscarriage Tuesday, accusing Rogers of abandoning her during the crisis.

After announcing she wanted to get a divorce “ASAP,” she then accused Courtland Rogers of being unfaithful … and later of abusing her and their unborn child.

Just last week, the couple confirmed Jenelle is seven weeks pregnant.

Don’t look for them to patch things up like she often does, either. Her live Tweeting of the fallout would indicate that Rogers’ stock is only plummeting further in her mind.

Expect to hear about a Jenelle Evans divorce sooner rather than later.