Lamar Odom Attends Strip Club, Spends Time in Champagne Room

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Let the Khloe Kardashian divorce rumors start up again!

According to Life & Style, the reality star has suffered through an especially bad week because husband Lamar Odom was spotted in a Minneapolis strip club on January 16, handing out "roughly $2,000" in the champagne room.

Khloe Kardashian Tabloid Story

Of a stripper named Jasmine with whom Odom bonded, an insider claims:

"She’ll do anything back there [in the champagne room]. She was all over him!”

Jasmine herself even spoke to the tabloid (according to the tabloid, that is), admitting Odom took very good care of her and exclaiming: “I can’t wait until he comes back. He promised!”

Odom has been spotted partying it up often without Khloe over recent weeks, an act made easier by how frequently he's on the road with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Reached for comment, sister Kim Kardashian said something that we presume we wholly uninteresting and unoriginal.

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Khloe is actually a man. She was born male. Lamar knows this and his friends/teammates tease him. This is a fake relationship.

@ Lisi

This my good man, is true.


Funny how the WHOLE squad goes out and there's only a report about LAMAR. SMH Lamar and his teammates were in the club and NOTHING was going on, but the tabloids fabricate a story just about Lamar. EVERY Wednesday there is a new story from either InTouch or Life and Styles about Khloe and Lamar. It's rather sickening. The funny things is the tabloids are MAD because Khloe and Lamar continue to live their life HAPPY together regardless of these FAKE stories. I guess we'll see what the NEW story will be THIS Wednesday.

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