Jason Hoppy Files for Custody of Daughter, Mirrors Bethenny Frankel Divorce Demands

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Unfortunately, it's about to get ugly between Jason Hoppy and Bethenny Frankel.

A few weeks after Frankel filed for divorce and made such legal demands as primary custody of daughter Brynn; sole use of the couple's residence; and child support from her ex, Hoppy has gone ahead... and done pretty much the exact same thing.

Jason Hoppy and Bethenny Frankel on Xmas

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Hoppy is also seeking primary custody of the two-year old, while asking for child support and all medical expenses related to himself and Brynn.

The scorned reality star wants Frankel to name him as a beneficiary on her life insurance policy and he's after "exclusive use and occupancy of the marital residence."

Frankel appeared on Ellen this month and tearfully said this split made her feel like a failure, but we have an inkling it won't even be official any time soon.

Considering the demands of both sides, this battle is destined to be drawn very far out.


Agree with other commentors. She seemed to treat Jason, (and the great gal who was her PARTNER, SLAVE, who left as well, sorry forget her name), AS PROPS, GOFERS, SHRINKS OF COURSE,just "players" she needed for the great, GIMMICKY,UNBELIEVABLY, NARCISSISTIC, DRAMA THAT SHE IS. WITH THE TRULY IN LOVE, NAIVE, JASON, AS MERELY A STUD FOR BRYNN BEFORE THE CLOCK STOPPED, THE SHOW, though he was infatuated with all the glamour, fame, fortune, as any would be. Her constantly whining about her past most of us would have considered a priviledged life, more shallow narcissistic "filler", Jason was to spend his life "fixing", (a non problem), was nauseating, as are her still, crocodile tears. She seems a seriously selfish, spoiled, fame addict who truly screwed over her actual "PARTNER", WHO BUILT HER BUSINESS FOR REAL,(the sweet slave, intern catering to this biotch's, serious MOOD SWINGS, DEMANDING DICTATORSHIP, SENSE OF ENTITLEMENT, without a stake she deserved in the biz as far as I know, good God, of $120 mil?). With Jason as just another non person, as was his poor family she treated like dirt..all to cater to this self absorbed, appointed, princess, phony, whose only real claim to fame was her opportunistic timing with idea of low cal booze for gals, diet, cooking talent, many women have, without the nepotism, contacts she's had, grabbing the magic ring, within her 15 min. of fame, even squeezing in Brynn! All afforded ONLY by USING the the publicity, contacts, DISGUSTINGLY, her supposed "friends", (Brynn's Godmother), & loving, normal, so supportive, husband, HAVING TO EAT HER DIET OF DEMANDING, UNREAL PRIMA DONNA BITCHINESS ONCE SUCKED INTO THE T.V. VORTEX, OF HER STRICTLY SELF PROMOTING WEB OF GREED, SELF DELUSION OF HER IMPORTANTNESS IN HER OWN MIND. RATHER THAN FINALLY RELAXING, TRULY HAVING A LOVING FAMILY SHE PROFESSED TO WANT FALSELY THROUGHOUT HER RUN, & BEING HUMBLE ABOUT HER GREAT "LUCK", AND SHARING HER VASTLY OVERPAID GOOD FORTUNE WITH THOSE WHOSE LIVES SHE SUCKED AWAY IN HER CLIMB TO THE TOP, ON THEIR BACKS, USED, WHO MADE HER SHOW, HER SO THEN WHOLESOME, WIFELY, MOMMY, PERSONNA FOR THE BIG $120 MIL. PACKAGE, AS JASON WAS PART OF THE SALES "PACKAGE", "GODMOM" CREATED JUST A MUCH.....ALL PROVED INDEED TO BE AN "ACT"! DESPITE, BEING A MACHO, CUTHROAT, HARDLY HELPLESS BUSINESSWOMAN, AGAIN SHE PUBLICIZES HER CROCODILE TEARS, FEIGNING FEMININE FRAILTY TO 'WIN" IT ALL FROM JASON IT SEEMS! HAVING CHEWED HIM UP, THIS MANLY MAN, HIS FORMER CAREER, & SPIT HIM OUT,HE AS MAMA, PROMISED PARTNER, AN OBVIOUSLY DEAR, LOVING, HOUSEHUSBAND, FATHER, SO SUPPORTIVE, FOR HER FAME & FORTUNE, NOW NO LONGER NEEDED?? SHE THINKS? LET'S SEE WHAT TV DEALS SHE GETS NOW, POST HER KARDASHIAN MARRIAGE, BABY. BUT SHE SHOULD HAVE IT ALL? FULL CUSTODY FROM THIS GREAT DAD, SEEMS MORE OF A MOM THAN SHE, NO MORE DREAM HOME, OR APPARENT FINANACIAL GAIN FOR HIM? BECAUSE AS HE SAID ONCE, ESSENTIALLY, THAT SHE WAS A VERY EMOTIONALLY CRIPPLED PERSON, SEEMS SO, & SEEMS SHE'S OVER IT AS HE CANNOT TAKE BEING A SHRINK TO HER NEVER ENDING SO PETTY, NARCISSISM, SEARCH FOR MOMMY & DADDY? SHE GIVES WOMEN A BAD NAME, ANDD GO FOR IT JASON, FINALLY, THIS IS A BULLDOG, NO SHRINKING VIOLET AT HER CONVENIENCE.


Fame comes with an expensive price tag. One which she'll be paying for. Poor Jason & Bryn. She's a fame whore who chose fame over her family.


If Bethenny didn't make such ridiculous demands to begin with, I don't think he would have countered with such ridiculous demands. Karma is a B**** Bethenny and so are you. Good luck!

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